Visual Rhetoric — SmilingDogTheProfWants

:01 – The video opens with tiny hair-covered 3D image of what seems to be the human lungs in front of a black wall with lights coming from above them. This imagery tells us that the lungs are the main focus of this image and the light above is only there to show you what is being displayed. The light only coming from above the lungs suggests that the whole image is not to be illuminated yet, possibly to give the viewers the time to adjust to the information you are about to receive.

There are particles floating around these lungs and the camera begins to zoom in showing more detail, making it seem as though the hairs are beginning to flow or that the they are very grown on the surface of the lungs. This may indicate that the lungs have been in this state for a period of time or maybe that the image is soft and therefore delicate and should be taken care of gently.

The imagery of the lungs and the black background could indicate the inside of your body. If this is the case, the scenery of darkness surrounding the lungs is there to ensure you are focusing on the lungs over other important organs and bones.

:01- :03 – The image clears up and it is revealed that the “hairs” are actually matches. The viewer is now supposed to expect that the entirety of the lungs is constructed from matches. The idea of spending so much time on constructing something so large from so many individual matches may be hinting that this is done over time or with great precision and patience. The realization that the lungs is crafted out of matches confirms that the object is fragile and delicate regardless of the craftsmen’s intentions.

The particles in the air remain floating, and appear to be moving up in the forefront of the camera and falling in the background. This imagery may be a symbol of ash as we know that that the matches that make up the lungs (in this imagery) if lit would cause something to burn and turn to ashes.

:03 – :07 – We now begin to see the matches lighting individually of one another without the fire spreading. This symbolism is most likely to make the viewer realize that every time they light up a smoke they are lighting one of the matches that makes up their lungs on fire, destroying that part of it. Perhaps the numerous amount of matches suggests that you only have a limited number of times you can light a match before serious damage occurs or that any number times you smoke will destroy a match inside you and you will never get it back.

The “particles” we saw have now disappeared from the video and have been replaced by embers that originate from the matches along with smoke that you would more likely see coming from a smokers mouth than a single struck match. The replacement of the particles to embers confirms the theory that those particles are ash and could be symbolic of showing that even though you are finished smoking the residue from that time will remain inside your lungs.

:07 – :10 – We now see large areas of the matches lit and on fire with some spaced individual ones and a burnt out large patch on the viewers right. This is more than likely a culmination of all the times you’ve smoked and the damage it has caused your lungs. the large patch on the right could be telling the viewer that the damage that happened first is still there.

We also see the smoke surrounding the lungs and embers flickering and turning to ash. This visual effect is designed to potray the detailed visuals of the destructiuon of something that should be extremly important to you. The smoke filling the blacvk room may indicate that it is filling the indisde of your body and possibly harming the rest of your organs aswell.

:11 – We get a visual from above the lungs showing the entire thing with a raging fire coming from it. The tips of the matches glowing a bright red and some completely blackened and blurred form the viewers. This symbolism may show that the fire can get out of control, like the usual addicted smoker.

:11 – :13 – The side of the lung collapses and crumbles form the whole, matches both lit and blackened begin to fall to the ground, knocking other presumably loose and destroyed matches to the ground. This show an out of control situation that has no way of returning to normal or even a stable state. We can only imagine that the lungs will completely collapse onto the floor.

:13 – :16 – A single lit match strikes the ground amongst a field of blackened matches wit piles forming in the background with more blackened matches falling. This one light may be symbolizing your last chance to get help or your last moments where you witness the destruction that has been done and that this one match will mark the destruction of the entire being.

:16 – :22 – The room begins to light up revealing an ordinary room with windows emanating light onto the walls. The once burnt lungs now begins to form back into the perfectly normal ones we saw at the beginning of the video with a single match still lit with a small, barely visible, light emanating from it before it is snuffed out. The room could still be a the inside of your body as there are now multiple lights all over perhaps meaning that you or something else is keeping a close watch on them. The lungs now being fully restored may mean that there is a cure for the destruction we saw before thus the small flame being the last to be snuffed out as a sign that you’ve been cured or maybe that preventing it could be the only cause showing the one lit match being the progression of time in reverse.

:22 – :30 – The camera moves to behind the lungs to reveal an MRI scanner and the direction to where you could learn more about how it can help. This MRI scanner being behind the now healed or freshly new pair of lungs shows that this machine is responsible for them and it can be used to prevent or cure the issue in some way not explained in the clip. The imagery of the bright room showing a sparkling new MRI scanner displays the idea of hope and maybe the sanitary conditions of the device and the office you will have to go to to have the scan.

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