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1. The reason children are obese is because they want fast food more than other alternatives. A child only wants the sugary, salty, greasy food because it’s appealing to what they love and crave. If the children didn’t cry over the food then most parents wouldn’t get it for them because they know what issues come with it. A parent can’t be held responsible for the desires of their child or how their mind works, so obesity cannot be directly controlled by the parents, but rather, by the child.

2. The responsibility of a child wanting to watch YouTube over playing outside falls on the child, not the parent. A child may avoid going outside to watch the newest video of something that peaks their interests like any adult would consider doing, but when that becomes a normality then the child’s health is put at risk. The health of a child is important because they don’t know what’s best for them but you still want them to be happy and dealing with obesity due to a lack of exercise is something that if they could grasp, they would thank you for. YouTube attracts the child’s interests but so can playing a game of tag outside, as long as the child has played a game of tag then they will understand that both YouTube and tag are fun things to do and they make the choice of one over the other.

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