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Hotdog witness- “That’s like nothing ever happened” This is a comparative claim implying because the salty dog wasn’t sliced, they are comparing it to literally nothing happening. I wouldn’t say nothing necessarily happened, since the inter part of the saw becomes damaged and mangled beyond further use. 

Manufacturers- “Forced to stop in one thousandth of a second” This is a numerical claim since it is a recorded average of how long it takes for such a fast moving blade to suddenly come to a halt. This is later compared to a car going 1000mph crashing into a wall which is hard to even imagine. 

Industry spokespeople- “Flesh sensing safety technology has been available that could prevent almost all table saw injuries” This is a factual claim saying there is a market for such inventions that sense foregin objects (things that are not intended to be cut by the table saw) that exists. That being said, I am surprised that such things are not mandated or even bought out by table saw manufacturers. 

Consumer safety advocates- “10 amputations a day and thousands more injuries every year,” I would say this claim is quantitative since these numbers are recorded from various places where data is recorded and analyzed to then make these statistics. 

News reporters-“Demonstration of a man’s faith in technology is one of the coolest” This is a causal claim implying that it is “the coolest” to see a man willingly stick his finger into a table saw to show how accurate his product is. I do think this is cool, but it did in fact install such fear and anxiety in me while watching. 

Customers- “recorded 2,000 finger saves” This claim is quantitative and numerical since it is based off of trails, surveys, and data collected to then come to this conclusion of the finger saves by this invention. 

Injured plaintiffs- “blood everywhere” This is a casual claim implying being injured by a table saw can result in a gruesome scene leaving blood everywhere. I do not doubt nor ever wanna witness such a scene. Personally, I would never ever think to use a table saw, and hearing such stories solidifies this instinct of mine. 

Government officials- “Save society $1500 to $400 per saw sold” This quote is a numerical claim since it directly relates to the amount of money that could be saved, and prevented by use with such an invention of the Sawstop.

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