Open Strong- cardinal

A building with a rotted structure cannot continue to stand, even if it is historic or beloved by many in its community. The building in question here is Hollywood, the business that has been responsible for entertaining us for over 100 years and the business that has been responsible for perpetuating racism for just as long. While the age of overt racism in film has passed, Hollywood still favors white talent in who they choose to hire, cast, and award. Hollywood needs to be structurally overhauled in order for the business that entertains people to be the business that represents all people, too.

Nowadays, break room chatter isn’t about the latest episode of a television show, it’s about the latest season of a Netflix show. Streaming services have taken the entertainment industry by storm, but it’s not just because of the convenience that comes with being able to watch a show on a phone. Streaming services are more open to representing all people both in who they hire and the stories they tell, more so than conventional Hollywood. Since streaming services are meeting the demands for better racial diversity so successfully, they will render Hollywood as we know it obsolete.

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