visual rhetoric- corinnebuck1219

0.00 Camera opens to a empty intersection with no cars or people

0.01 pans to empty parking lot (within first 2 seconds implies that roads are a ghost town)

0.02 a sign that implies no masks or gloves will be given out for free due to high demand (adds conflict and panic that everyone is gone)

0.03 pans to empty shelves assuming at grocery store sold out of food 

0.04-0.05 woman doing research on the computer and shows a multi colored pie chart able to be seen in the reflection of her glasses

0.05 pans to cargo ship sailing over ocean with lots of cargo

0.06 – 0.09 a plane loading cargo and taking flight in sky (this could be showing that people are hard at work to make and deliver masks and other disinfection products)

0.09- 0.15 various short clips of people making homemade masks

0.15- 0.17 shows an abundance of masks in boxes at factories (this relieves the worry that was inflicted by the no mask sign portraying that everything is under control now)

0.017-0.20 a man in dark room looking concerned and is rubbing his face like he is uncomfortable (no mask on) looks conflicted ( To mask up, or to not? That is the question.)

0.20 two men loading jugs of water into trunk of car at grocery store both properly masked but body language is positive two men are probably in conversation

0.21 a child on monkey bars and a older adult supervising at park both wearing masks

0.21 a barber performing a haircut on a man both masked up

0.22 a man in vegetable section of grocery store browsing and also wearing a mask

0.23 a woman in a kitchen setting making food with 4 other people (everyone is wearing a mask) you can tell the woman of focus is happy

0.24- 0.26 a little boy with both hands on hip like a brave superhero while wearing a cape and a mask to imply that by wearing a mask he is a hero

0.26- remainder of video screen turns black and flashes “Mask up America” on screen

#MaskUpAmerica was located at the bottom right hand corner throughout the whole video.

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