Safer Saws – Pardonmyfrench

  1. Manufacturers– “we have the means to prevent these accidents.” This is a claim made to say that they do not need to implement the new technology into their saws since apparently, they have something else. This is an analogy claim as there is no factual evidence and just comparing the old blade to the new blade. The claim that is made is very standoffish to the new idea. The manufacturers may think just because they have things on the business side in order to prevent the accidents, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have the technology on the blade. This claim could confuse people to make them believe they are already using a technology like Bosch’s.
  2. Industry Spokespeople “If you are in the market for a new table saw and are a fan of your fingers and American companies, this is the one for you.” This claim is stating that customers should be for the SawStop and the company who creates them. This is an Evaluative claim. This is an informative claim because it in a way takes a stand against other saw companies. It is biased toward consumers in the fact that it wants them to be safer. Someone who just reviews products and is a normal handyman is making this statement from experience. The claim creates a sense of honesty from person to person, not through a promotional company to customer.
  3. Personal Injury Lawyer– “manufacturers are facing dozens of lawsuits brought forth by people whose injuries could have been prevented.” This claim is made to state that SawStop or other products like this could have prevented these injuries. This is a factual claim because it is indeed a fact that multiple people are hurt from saws and with better technology it could reduce that risk. This claim is persuasive, especially to saw users who do not have any safety measures in place. This is also a reasonable claim to make seeing as how the lawyer sees so many cases a year and the devastation that follows these accidents.
  4. Retailer– “carry a somewhat higher price tag, but the safety innovations are well worth it.” This claim made by a retailer is to show customers looking for a new saw that the safety features is worth the price increase. This is an evaluative claim because it implies judgment of the item. This is could simply be to persuade the buyer to get the saw because it does have a higher price tag because that’s the only real negative to the product. This claim also supports all of the safety features that go with it, which gives the saw a much better look in a lot of consumers eyes.
  5. Injured Plaintiffs- “Within a second my fingers were on the ground.” This claim is made by a man who lost four of his fingers while remodeling a home. This is a causal claim because he lost his fingers due to the fact that he used an ordinary saw. This claim is reliable because its from the mouth of a man who experienced the negative of what not having safety equipment on the saw can do. He probably he wished he had SawStop the day this occurred, and he would be in a very different position, not making these claims.
  6. Government Officials– “will issue a draft of new safety requirements for table saws.” This claim is stating that there have been so many incidents with ordinary saws, that now the government needs to get involved and implement rules. This is a factual claim because the government is saying they will without a doubt be creating new regulations. This claim could persuade anyone because it comes from Washington directly, and people take what the government says super seriously. This seems like a trustworthy claim since in Washington lawmakers and regulators are meeting to throw these new safety requirements into effect.
  7. Customer– “Overall I give it an A+.” This is a claim that is showing support for the SawStop technology and blatantly recommending it. This is an evaluative claim since it is judging the characteristics of the saw since he has bought it and used it. This quality of this claim just comes from a random citizen, so it may not be the most persuasive along with the fact he did not give any other insight to why it is an A+. I do say however, that while looking online at reviews this could persuade a customer if they needed one last person agreeing that SawStop is worth the money.
  8. News Reporters– “Bosch has officially entered the limb-saving table saw market.” This claim is due to SawStop coming into market and being safer than anything before it. This is again, another evaluative claim. This tells readers that Bosch is new to the saw market and he could be saving people because of the safety features that are included. This will persuade people to become more interested in the product and see what’s so new about it and keep the idea inside of their mind.
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