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 “Flesh coming into contact with the blade shorts the circuit and trips the chemical firing mechanism” This is a factual claim because there have been test done to prove that it will stop when human flesh touches it. The manufactures built this features to protect from people chopping their fingers off.


In the short video shown in class we saw Bosch test the product out. He placed his finger in on the saw and the saw automatically stopped. This is a factual claim because we saw Bosch do it and it indeed did work. This product will save many peoples fingers and is very good for the Saw market.

Industry Spokespeople

“they had been seeking licensing deals with the big power tool makers, but had found no takers.”This is a factual claim because no one wanted to help them and give them licenses for their product. They struggled to get there product off the grown because it would be to hard for indusrty to change.

Consumer Safety Advocates

“I can’t imagine anyone arguing against the notion that a safer table saw is a better table saw.” This is an Evaluative claim because who wouldn’t want the safest saw around. Everyone should want a saw that protects them from chopping their fingers off. safety is the number one priority in a work setting and this is the biggest safety measure and will save many people from injury.

Injured Plaintiffs

“Saws Cut Off 4,000 Fingers a Year” This is a numerical claim because it gives you a number of how many people injury themselves every due to not having the proper safety measures. If everyone had the stop saw this number would be way lower.

Personal Injury Lawyers

“Every year, thousands of people are severely injured after using table saws.” This an numerical claim because it goes over how many people each year get injured by saw blades. Many people will sue Saw manufactures for the machine causing injury to them but if everyone has the stop saw these numbers will go down tremendously.

Government Officials

“Ms. Weller pointed out that the Commission does not mandate design requirements” This is an Evaluative claim the government can not tell companies how there product should be built and for all of these companies to switch there buildings would be a very big deal. It conflicts with patents and other things.

News Reporters

Bosch has officially entered the limb-saving table saw market.” This is an evaluative claim because it is implying that Bosch as started to join the market that will help save countless people from severe injury from tables saws. These news stories make you feel like this product is safe and all of the reports about how good and how safe they are will make you want to purchase this product a lot more.

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