Visual rhetoric assignment- 612119

Visual  rhetoric assignment

0-5 seconds

A man opens up a door to see a huge wild about to burn down his home which his family lives in.In the next scene it’s a flash flood when you open the door and in the last scene it happens to be an earthquake. SInce all of this is happening I would say its pathos since these things could destroy

6-11 seconds The dad closes the doors on the natural disasters.The dad ends up sitting with his family at the kitchen table. 

11-17 seconds

 It was Showing us to go too there website so potentially save your family’s life in case of a disaster.They’re telling you it gives you tools and tips  and help set up a plan in case of one of these natural disasters. I would say this is pathos as well because you don’t want to be the reason your family dies So it’s apealing to your emotion.

17-20 seconds

There’s a knock at the door but no one panicked because they do have a plan in case something were to happen.The family has a few bags and prepares them since they think of disasters on the way. The dad goes to get the door. I would say this is logos because it’s a rational decision and everyone should be making it.

20-25 seconds

The family opens up the door and it’s just a pizza man delivering the pizza. The pizza man is wearing a mask because of the pandemic that’s going on at the moment so is the rest of the family so they’re being very responsible. I would say this is pathos cuz it’s an appealing to your emotion by just having the pizza man at the door and being relieved

25-30 seconds

 the last bit of it is more just telling you to make a plan again and stressing how important it is and where to go so you can make that plan. It gives the website information again, plus States what other organizations back it.  

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1 Response to Visual rhetoric assignment- 612119

  1. davidbdale says:

    612, I don’t have much positive to say about this draft since, for starters, you didn’t mention that the scene is animated (!), so readers of your post would have ZERO idea what you’re looking at. I’ve gone to the trouble of providing models of good Visual Rhetoric assignments. I’ve also pinned two posts to the top of the blog that demonstrate early drafts and my feedback recommending MUCH MORE DETAILED analysis than your classmates have produced (even when they’ve produced really strong drafts!). I suggest you read the assignment again, and review the supportive material, and revise this post before asking for feedback. And I suggest that you then ask for feedback.


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