My Hypothesis—Goldin92

  1. Education System
  2. Education system misjudges students for their futures
  3. Extensive classes required for students to take sets them back that they won’t use in the future
  4. Tutoring, “hands on” help from teachers allow curious and goal thriving students to succeed in classes they don’t enjoy taking, helping them have a clearer future to take the courses and learn the material they want
  5. Teachers, Tutors, Advisors, all dependent on the students future making it in their desired careers all take in account, even if the student struggles in a subject that isn’t going to help him succeed in his endeavors , is all dependent on the ones teaching him/her and grading his/ her work

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  1. davidbdale says:

    MGoldin, you published this post without using your username after “My Hypothesis” and without placing it into any category. Please be careful to follow these conventions. Failing to do so makes it very hard to find your posts once they leave the “Recent Posts” collection.


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