White Paper: A Student Model

For the second time this semester I’m calling out the work of your classmate Cardinal as a model to emulate.

You may recall me recommending Cardinal’s “Stone Money” assignment as among the best I’ve ever read, if not the very best. Now I’ve found his/her White Paper to be equally deserving of praise.

If you’re unclear how a White Paper functions, spend a few minutes reading Cardinal’s. You’ll see that beyond merely describing the content of the sources, Cardinal has begun earnestly to compose the first drafts of his/her position paper arguments. This practice of drafting new language while reviewing sources is precisely how White Papers are supposed to work. When they’re good, they provide most of the language you’ll need to produce your arguments as they are assigned.

Follow this link: https://rucomp2.com/2020/09/30/white-paper-cardinal/

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