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  1. Parenting Styles
  2. Different Parent Styles
  3. Authoritarian Parenting
  4. Parenting Styles + Dropout
  5. Authoritarian Parenting + Academic Achievement + Rebellion
  6. Authoritarian Parenting style, Tracy Traunter
  7. Personal Essay: I’m not angry, i just have authoritarian parents

7 Sources


The effects of maternal parenting style and religious commitment on self-regulation, academic achievement, and risk behavior among African-American parochial college students

This article goes into depth between religiosity, both parent and student, and maternal parenting style. They did a study with around 85 students, and they were required to complete a self-assessment that calculates self-regulation, risk behavior, and religiosity. When they were done conducting their experiment, they found authoritative parenting kids have a higher level of school performance and analyzing skills. They were also able to find out that committed religious students have a higher chance of doing well academically.


Influence of parenting styles on adolescent delinquency in delta central senatorial district

The “Delta central senatorial district” conducted an investigation on young students; they looked into gender, age, etc. and found out that the parents are positive in their teaching habits and are more social, interact with more people their age work towards goals. In comparison, parents exercise their authority to control children’s adolescents’ behavior.


Authoritarian parenting: What happens to the kids?

Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., wrote an article on an authoritarian parenting style and was able to find out that if a parent is less warm and reactive with their child, it can affect the child’s health, and it’s worse if the child was to grow up in the difficult environment. His studies suggest “warmth can protect kids from the effects of toxic stress.” Some people think with demanding authoritarian parents, their child is better in school, but that’s wrong based on the evidence Gwen Dewar, Ph.D., found out, “Permissive Parents are emotionally warm, but reluctant to enforce rules or standards of conduct,” Uninvolved Parents are like permissive parents, but they lack warmth,” and “Authoritative Parents set limits and enforce standards. But unlike authoritarian parents, authoritative parents are very responsive or nurturing”. 


Parenting in Relation to School Dropout Through Student Engagement: A Longitudinal Study

In this article, we find out what changes can happen in a child’s life with different parents. They stated that “adolescents (age 14) with more authoritative parents (high acceptance, supervision, and psychological autonomy granting) were more likely to have graduated at age 22 compared to adolescents with less authoritative parents”. This experiment proves that you have a good relationship with your child is essential; it could improve your child’s will to go to school and help reduce the chances of your child dropping out of school.


The Peer Group as a Context: Moderating Effects on Relations Between Maternal Parenting and Social and School Adjustment in Chinese Children

In this Article, they study Chinese children around 11 years old. It was between “maternal supportive parenting and social and school adjustment.” After they conducted their experiment and looked through all the details, they found out “group prosocial‐cooperative functioning strengthened the role of supportive parenting in helping children develop social and school competence,” The experiment proved that social groups mature in Chinese kids.

Authoritarian parenting style, Tracy Trautner

In this article Tracy Traunter tells her facts about what Authoritarian parents do.

Tracy Trautner, Michigan State University Extension. “Authoritarian Parenting Style.” MSU Extension, 20 Sept. 2018, www.canr.msu.edu/news/authoritarian_parenting_style

Personal Essay: I’m not angry, I just have authoritarian parents

In this article Rachel explains her experience with a Authoritarian parents, everything she went through.

Sawicki, Rachel. “Personal Essay: I’m Not Angry, I Just Have Authoritarian Parents.” The Review, 5 Mar. 2020, udreview.com/personal-essay-im-not-angry-i-just-have-authoritarian-parents/

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    Authoritarian Parenting + Academic Achievement + Rebellion is a SEARCH field string, not a Hypothesis.

    A Hypothesis would be a positive, declarative statement, a CLAIM you believe you can test and either prove or disprove through research, such as:

    Authoritarian parents get exactly what they deserve: children who do everything they can to resist the control exerted from above and rebel in various, unpredictable ways, including but not limited to FAILING ALL THEIR CLASSES as a deliberate rebuke to their parents’ demands.


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