White Paper- Sonnypetro29

  1. Self driving cars
  2. Robots driving vs Humans driving
  3. Self driving cars reduce rates of car accidents
  4. Self driving cars will reduce the jobs of taxi drivers
  5. self driving cars will cause less gas to be used therefore less money the economy makes
  6. Everyone’s cars will be driven by robots and no humans will have to drive a car again.

Working hypothesis : When self-driving cars are outfitted with software that determines how they’ll react to imminent crashes, owners will want—and eventually will be permitted to elect—different levels of self-preservation 

Sources/ purposeful summaries:

How Do self driving cars work?

Robertson, B. (2017). Science 101: Q: How Do Self-Driving Cars Work? Science and Children, 54(9), 72-75. Retrieved November 18, 2020, from http://www.jstor.org/stable/26387175

Self-driving cars programmed to decide who dies in a crash

Who doesn’t want a self driving car? That is the question most people ask, but many don’t dig deeper into some questions that don’t quite have strong answers for. In this article you are faced with the tough questions of  “As you approach a rise in the road, heading south, a school bus appears, driving north, one driven by a human, and it veers sharply toward you. There is no time to stop safely, and no time for you to take control of the car”. What would you do?. In any type of car crash you would want the least amount of injury to anyone involved but would you allow the car to make the decision that would maybe kill you because that decision could save the lives of more people?  


How Do Self-Driving Cars Make Decisions?

Self driving cars use algorithms called DNN’s ( deep neural networking). This algorithm allows for the self driving car to drive in real time. Rather than having codes put in manually like “ Stop for red light” the car will be able to see it in real time and react accordingly.  These algorithms think like the human brain and will be able to make decisions just like we do every single day. There is not just one algorithm, these self driving cars use many different ones that help see driving patterns, intersections and many more things to help the car drive itself. 


Elon Musk promises an Autopilot ‘quantum leap’ in the next few weeks.

Elon Musk is the pioneer in self driving cars and he is evolving his company every single day. In this article written a little over a month ago Musk stated that he doesn’t have much left to figure out about his car’s problems to get it to “level 5”. Level 5 means that there is no human interaction between the car and the human in the car. Musk needs to figure what he says are small problems and he does not see a challenge in figuring them out. Musk is making a huge step in the self driving car and he says it will be released very soon.


What Happens When Self-Driving Cars Kill People?

Who is really at fault when the self driving car kills or hits someone? Is it the driver of the car? Is it the car manufacturer? Is it the people who designed the technology for the car? These are all very good questions because the person in the car was not driving so how could it be their fault. This article goes over an incident where a self driving uber test car struck and killed a pedestrian crossing the street. There was a backup driver in the car to step in if something went wrong, but that didn’t happen. A woman stepped in the street not near a crosswalk late at night and the back up driver did not see the woman and the car struck her and killed her. It was deemed that both humans were not responsible so the liability was on the manufacturer and the technology team. The backup driver could not go from being unaware to take the wheel in a last second moment. So how will self driving cars be responsible for accidents in the future? We will have to see if new laws are passed when self driving cars become more relevant.


How Google’s self-driving cars detect and avoid obstacles

Google uses many types of technology in their self driving cars. When coming up with the technology for self driving cars there is more to it then having the car just stay in its lane and detecting cars around, it has to be able to avoid obstacles. Google uses cameras, radar and lasers to help with the self driving cars. Googles man technology on their car is called LIDAR, this is a giant sensor on top of the car that is able to detect things up to 100 meters away. Google is far from releasing their car but they are taking great strides in their attempt to go fully self driving.

Current state of research:

 I would say I am doing good in my current research, I am finding very valuable resources that are helping me in my research. I am very happy where I am right now and I can’t wait to dive deeper into my hypothesis. I may in the future tweak my hypothesis but for right now I am happy.

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