White Paper—612119D

  1. covid 19 virus
  2. Mask vs no mask Debate
  3. How helpful is it to wear a mask when you can’t social distance
  4. Mask helps slow down the spread of the Covid 19 virus
  5. How infectious is covid 19 if no symptoms are present 

Working Hypothesis 1

Wearing masks will help stop the spread of covid 19 in the near future but overal end up compromising our immune system.

Working Hypothesis 2

Wearing mask has no potential affect on our future immune system and could only save potential lives 

There’s a fat link to a PDF taking up all this white space.


Covid 19 is a new disease and it’s still not understood completly. Dentists have to be extra careful with covid because of how the virus is spread. Being less than 1 meter away. Combined with the fact that there is a small room with saliva droplets as a factor to spread the virus too which puts them at risk. The doctor states the virus dropplets are like a fired gun so the droplets can go pretty far and it could get you sick if you’re not wearing the proctective covering.So these Dennis basically confirm that wearing a mask in very close in proximity Would protect them from the potential small droplets versus no mask. 


 adaptive immunity.In some cases being exposed to a virus at low doses over time will eventually make you be able to fight the virus The Host which is humans usually  getting their immune systems attacked and having their body fight it off. Covid which is a new virus which our bodies have not had any exposure to is why we are getting it so bad and not really sure how to fight it off yet. It states that a compromised immune system will limit your body’s ability to fight back which is actually happening in the case of covet with people that suffer some type of pre-existing condition have way worse than people that are completely healthy. 


In this article it’s talking about how serious the spread of microorganisms is and how if it’s not  contained properly it could lead to the deaths of so many. it should be taken as a serious threat almost as like a terroristic threat because it could really wipe out that many lives. The big issue here is containing the virus and how to stop the spread of it. Mask could help stop the spread But this virus could already be too late for that and it already spread out the country and across the world so maybe the best option would be just to handle it as is be careful as possible.


Not enough is known about the virus to fully confirm or deny if wearing masks will save that many lives but Hospital workers in the past have had to wear these masks all day and they seem to have no ramification but we still don’t know how the average citizen will react wearing these Mask all day long. Since the virus just started this year we still don’t know everything we need to know but scientists are learning more and more each day about this virus. In this article they’re stating that wearing mask is like effective but they don’t really know the damn side yet because no nothing like this really ever happen to this extent in our generation. Scientist can only know so much cuz something like this never happened so while they suggest to wear the mask they will not confirm that it’s completely safe. 


In the US we have an optional masks we’re outside in other countries it’s mandated at all times and we will not see the consequences of the policies of the covid-19 pandemic 2 years in the future and those consequences could be very very heavy especially those who don’t have mandatory masks requirements because because not having that would lead to insignificant compliance by the citizens and would be perceived way different than if it there was a mandatory policy stating that mass required at all times to stop the transmission of this Airborne virus. 

Topics for a smaller paper

Definition / classification argument

I would like to look into how long experts suggest this virus May linger around and continue affecting the world’s population and how soon we can expect a vaccine / cure for this virus As we learn more and more we will be able to see what age groups and which particular people are most likely to be harmed by this virus an estate of will continue to change up until the papers do because scientists are finding more and more about the virus each day.

Cause and effect

I would say the cause would be wearing the mask in the effect would your immunity being affected in the long run and having complications down the line by wearing this mask now.We could really see if wearing this mask could really compromised our ability to fight off future viruses and even being able to fight off this current virus if we do contracted since we are wearing a mask All the time in our body isn’t used to it it just used to fighting off infections.

Rebuttal argument

A rebuttal to my hypothesis would be that’s wearing Mass would save many lives and have no side effects coming in the future while saving hundreds of thousands of lives some extracts even predict that I could save up to 200,000 lives when the second wave hits America this winter first not wearing masks at all.I would like to see if social distancing has a major factor in that or is it really just a mask. 

State of research paper

I have found some starter sources and will continue to add to them. I feel like I have strong topic to write about.I feel like I can read a lot about this topic because this is an interesting topic and a very pressing issue in the world today. There’s not a lot of sources about this because is an original idea and we discussed it in our meeting But I still should be able to get a huge chunk of information and find out huge amount about the virus From the covid-19 sources I’ve gotten so far it looks like wearing a mask is actually very helpful in spreading the virus but I have yet to find if there’s any long-term effects But we’ll keep looking and trying try and find out what the answer to my questions.

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