White Paper—612119D

  1. covid 19 virus
  2. Mask vs no mask Debate
  3. How helpful is it to wear a mask when you can’t social distance
  4. Mask helps slow down the spread of the Covid 19 virus
  5. How infectious is covid 19 if no symptoms are present 

Working Hypothesis 1

Wearing masks will help stop the spread of covid 19 in the near future but overal end up compromising our immune system.

Working Hypothesis 2

Wearing mask has no potential affect on our future immune system and could only save potential lives 

Working Hypothesis FINAL

Wearing masks has proven beneficial.

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Covid 19 is a new disease and it’s still not understood completly. Dentists have to be extra careful with covid because of how the virus is spread. Being less than 1 meter away. Combined with the fact that there is a small room with saliva droplets as a factor to spread the virus too which puts them at risk. The doctor states the virus dropplets are like a fired gun so the droplets can go pretty far and it could get you sick if you’re not wearing the proctective covering.So these Dennis basically confirm that wearing a mask in very close in proximity Would protect them from the potential small droplets versus no mask. 


 adaptive immunity.In some cases being exposed to a virus at low doses over time will eventually make you be able to fight the virus The Host which is humans usually  getting their immune systems attacked and having their body fight it off. Covid which is a new virus which our bodies have not had any exposure to is why we are getting it so bad and not really sure how to fight it off yet. It states that a compromised immune system will limit your body’s ability to fight back which is actually happening in the case of covet with people that suffer some type of pre-existing condition have way worse than people that are completely healthy. 


In this article it’s talking about how serious the spread of microorganisms is and how if it’s not  contained properly it could lead to the deaths of so many. it should be taken as a serious threat almost as like a terroristic threat because it could really wipe out that many lives. The big issue here is containing the virus and how to stop the spread of it. Mask could help stop the spread But this virus could already be too late for that and it already spread out the country and across the world so maybe the best option would be just to handle it as is be careful as possible.


Not enough is known about the virus to fully confirm or deny if wearing masks will save that many lives but Hospital workers in the past have had to wear these masks all day and they seem to have no ramification but we still don’t know how the average citizen will react wearing these Mask all day long. Since the virus just started this year we still don’t know everything we need to know but scientists are learning more and more each day about this virus. In this article they’re stating that wearing mask is like effective but they don’t really know the damn side yet because no nothing like this really ever happen to this extent in our generation. Scientist can only know so much cuz something like this never happened so while they suggest to wear the mask they will not confirm that it’s completely safe. 


In the US we have an optional masks we’re outside in other countries it’s mandated at all times and we will not see the consequences of the policies of the covid-19 pandemic 2 years in the future and those consequences could be very very heavy especially those who don’t have mandatory masks requirements because because not having that would lead to insignificant compliance by the citizens and would be perceived way different than if it there was a mandatory policy stating that mass required at all times to stop the transmission of this Airborne virus. 

Topics for a smaller paper

Definition / classification argument

I would like to look into how long experts suggest this virus May linger around and continue affecting the world’s population and how soon we can expect a vaccine / cure for this virus As we learn more and more we will be able to see what age groups and which particular people are most likely to be harmed by this virus an estate of will continue to change up until the papers do because scientists are finding more and more about the virus each day.

Cause and effect

I would say the cause would be wearing the mask in the effect would your immunity being affected in the long run and having complications down the line by wearing this mask now.We could really see if wearing this mask could really compromised our ability to fight off future viruses and even being able to fight off this current virus if we do contracted since we are wearing a mask All the time in our body isn’t used to it it just used to fighting off infections.

Rebuttal argument

A rebuttal to my hypothesis would be that’s wearing Mass would save many lives and have no side effects coming in the future while saving hundreds of thousands of lives some extracts even predict that I could save up to 200,000 lives when the second wave hits America this winter first not wearing masks at all.I would like to see if social distancing has a major factor in that or is it really just a mask. 

State of research paper

I have found some starter sources and will continue to add to them. I feel like I have strong topic to write about.I feel like I can read a lot about this topic because this is an interesting topic and a very pressing issue in the world today. There’s not a lot of sources about this because is an original idea and we discussed it in our meeting But I still should be able to get a huge chunk of information and find out huge amount about the virus From the covid-19 sources I’ve gotten so far it looks like wearing a mask is actually very helpful in spreading the virus but I have yet to find if there’s any long-term effects But we’ll keep looking and trying try and find out what the answer to my questions.


Mask up

Mask up


A mandatory Mass program in the United States would have a positive effect on saving human lives while doing great things for the economy. It would  prevent another massive shutdown locally and federally.  Americans’ health should be the primary goal in this war against the virus.

                                                           America First

The economy is a major or the major issue for many americas. Many americas like myself like to put the economy before anything since we believe it is the backbone of the country. In an article published  from Ohio economics,  suggesting having a mask mandate would help the economy, since it would cause less uncertainty. It makes sense because having another shutdown which would lead to massive closure again.  The hardest hit by the first shutdown was the middle and lower class. They can’t afford another shut down and could not only leave some families hungry but some potentially without a house. Wearing a mask could prevent this. On top of that they are very relaltic for every american to wear since the price of them is very affordable. A government economics KIP VISCUSI has said “One human life is worth about US $10 million.’’ Having a mask only saving  a few lives with this would not only save families trauma but be extremely beneficial for the economy outlook. Having a mandate would help prevent another shut down . “In a survey published by Scioto Analysis this morning, 38 out of 40 Ohio economists said that the economic benefits of mask mandates outweighed the economic costs.” This makes sense because having this policy would reduce the odds of another government shutdown and keep everything open. While masks might be uncomfortable and look funny it could potentially save the US economy.

 Americans need to look at the Coronavirus as our world war and we need everyone’s help to win. In world war 2, some of the women needed to go to work since men were sent off to fight. Everyone contributed to the fight and american won. While we aren’t fighting a war like that, we are fighting a microbe war in which America needs everyone again.  A Goldman Sachs study estimated that a nationwide mask mandate would save America $1 trillion, or 5% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.1 trillion dollars at stake, Americans need to look back and at least listen to the experts  that could be saved. When you break it down person by person it would approximately save the average american  $3,000 per person if the mask mandate was followed.  The amount of money the government gave out was in the trillions already; they can’t afford to lose more money because at the end of the day the people will end up paying for it.

If a mask policy was put into place it could potentially save more than 100,000 lives by this February alone. According to Dr. George Hansen article  Together we Can Make a Huge Difference”research is clear: individuals with COVID-19 can be symptom free for up to five days, not realize they are carrying the virus and spread it to others more at risk than themselves. These infected people are the biggest problem since they don’t know they even know they carry it . We don’t have a cure or a vaccine against this virus so we don’t know how different people will react if they become infected. The states that had a strict mask mandate where the  numbers have started to go down which proved that masked mandates worked. The numbers are already high and could get even higher if a mask mandate isn’t regulated. 

Preventing sucide is a major concern with the direct link by the virus but the economic side as well. Oxford researchers “compared suicide data from before  2007 with the years of the crisis and found more than 10,000 “economic suicides” associated with the recession across the U.S., Canada and Europe”Melanie Haiken . If the country  shuts down again, a 2.0 of this event could be an unfortunate side effect of the lock down. People can get really stressed out when it comes to their financial futures. Having another lockdown would mean job loss would sky rocket again. “The soaring unemployment rate and stock market losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, combined with millions of people quarantining at home alone creates the “perfect storm” for an increased risk of suicide for many people, according to the JAMA article.”As the cases continue to rise across our country again during this fall season and into the dreaded flu season, there is a significant fear the suicide rate will definitely up if the shutdown occurs again. This needs to be stressed since something on this scale has happened before and we felt the effects. Mental health is a big issue in this country , “I wish we could take social distancing out of our dictionary. Because we are social beings. We can’t socially distance. We are social beings. We can physically distance. Which I like better,” said Steen in an article. These lives are not directly affected by covid-19, but would be saved if wearing a mask was common people could get back to their social connections and not be worried about their next paycheck. Cases are on  the rise in the US , we need to find a solution before it’s too late and we can’t go back.

 We need to consider this as our best option at the current moment .We don’t have many options and this one seems like it could have a lot of positives and few drawbacks. When you look at the economic benefits of wearing a mask versus not wearing a mask compounded with the countless Lives that won’t become infected it seems like it’s at least worth a shot.

This is why a  Mask program in the United States would be extremely beneficial for not only the health of the citizens but for the economy. Having massive human life lost would have a direct correlation with the economy. Not only would it prevent a massive shut down again it would prevent another stock market crash. Covid is a major uncertainty which  is ideal for the market. If we wanna prevent another massive shutdown in our  local and national government we need to seriously consider a mask mandate.  Having such a mandate looks to be the only solution that keeps everyone healthy and business open.



Rebuttal Argument-612119d

New thesis

Wearing mask has no potential affect on our future immune system and could potentially save you or someone you care about.By not wearing a mask it’s affecting people’s lives over 200,000 people in America have already died from covid-19.It can also end up saving the American economy which some Economist predict will save up to 1 trillion dollars by preventing the next big shut down. 

While wearing a mask could give Americans a false sense of security it is the only way to continue living with this pandemic.  This system is far from perfect but having it in place will help keep things going. A claim that wearing a mask gives you a false sense of security is a big one.While yes you can still be infected by the virus while wearing a mask the odds are extremely low and combining it with the other recommendations is our best way. According to Dr Lisa Lockerd Maragakis “Wearing a face mask in public helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 — but only if worn properly, covering both your nose and mouth.” In the case where people don’t do this it defeats the purpose of wearing the mask in the first place and won’t prevent the spread and wont prevent you from getting sick. As a country we need to fight this together or we will end up wasting years of our lives because we don’t. If we viewed this as a World War and got everyone on board with containing this virus we would have a chance to go back to normal without a vaccine out for the masses.

Another counter to that would be Americans would get sick from these masks if they keep wearing them without washing them or getting a new mask putting more lives at risk. Obviously Putting a dirty mask on could potentially spread the virus. Considering this is a concern for some it is understandable to be the solution is simple.  A NEW MASK. “To avoid contamination (which can happen if you touch it, set it down or just if you’re out and about), throw your cloth mask in the washing machine at the end of each day or after each use, says Dr. Burgess. Since we are in a pandemic people need to be more cautious of others since this has the power to shut down our country. So it’s not giving a false sense of security it more or so using common sense you wouldn’t want a dirty mask on your face in the first place. Being more clean at the end of the day will help Americans as a whole to prevent other sickness. Being extra careful will never hurt anyone and if anything we will prepared.

Someone who wore the mask at all times would be California’s assemblymember Miss Autumn Burke; she believes she got the covid-19 virus while wearing her mask indoors at a meeting where social distancing wasn’t practiced. cases like these will still pop-up even though they wore their mask but that’s how contagious this virus actually is. “While masks are effective, they are not 100% foolproof,” says Dr. Burgess. Maintaining a distance of at least six feet between yourself and others adds an extra layer of protection”. On top of preaching how important mask our hand washing and social distancing should even be practiced better since they are both important to containing the virus.  Important now we should be stressing and washing, which  is  efficient against the virus. Nothing is going to be truly 100 percent against this virus. We just have to do our best everyday to end it so we can get back to normal life. Mask cant and wont be 100 percent effective but if they save 1 life it shouldn’t be a question.

Wearing a mask also won’t weaken your immune system. So people’s first instincts were they didn’t want to wear it to repress their immune system which isn’t the case.  A healthy immune system is very important against fighting off any virus and when covid 19 first came out a rumor that was out there was that wearing a mask could repress your immune system. This claim is false and is looked down on in the medical community. The immune system is the body’s natural defense system.  The immune system works and its function as a whole, which is crucial in preventing infection or disease which Covid is. Dr Sullivan said in the article Can face masks lower oxygen levels or weaken the immune system? Here’s what health experts say “I can pretty much guarantee to you that wearing a mask intermittently throughout the day or even all day long is not going to weaken your immune system.” Wearing a mask won’t affect your health in any way actually. Even your breathing which some people brought up as a cause of concern is really non existent. Facemask may be uncomfortable and may be a bother to wear but they aren’t meant for style here meant to protect you. Some facebook articles have flooded the internet where some guy passed out because he was wearing a face mask. It came out to be false but it was spread to thousands of people. It doesn’t affect your breathing to the point where Co2 levels rise or you can pass out. It’s going to be harder to breathe, yes but it’s because there is a piece of cloth covering your face.

A Mask mandation might sound a little harsh at first but in the end it will end up preventing thousands if not  tens of thousands of deaths this year alone in the United States. We need to sense up an act on it before it’s too late And not let unexpected Americans die.

Deffention argument

A mandatory Mass program in the United States would have a positive effect on saving human lives while doing great things for the economy. This idea to be true because the less human life  lost the more the faster the economy would be able to open back up since businesses would be able to run since the wide spread of covid-19 wouldn’t occur so fast. It would also help prevent another massive shutdown of the local and Country by wearing such a cheap product over the face.  Keeping Americans healthy should be the primary goal in defeating the virus.

Covid-19 lockdowns happened in early March in some areas of the United States. Everything was shut down, schools ,  businesses  and restaurants we’re all closed down and students were sent home.We started hearing  the terms social distancing and even heard the mention of masks which wasn’t a common part of american life.  While the first lockdown has concluded and another one on the horizon could be like if we can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. That’s why Mask-wearing is ultra important. When the mask covers both your nose and mouth it will help prevent others from getting sick even if you have the virus. It will also help protect yourself against people who do have the virus.  Having everyone in the community wear a mask will help prevent a loophole in which the Coronavirus could re enter our communities again. This is a protective measure that we can afford to have.  It will limit the potential spread and potentially save a family member of yours. While mask alone won’t end the pandemic but offer a valuable barrier along with pairing it along with socially distancing and hand washing. Combining all 3 would  have significant benefits which could help prevent another shutdown and cause the economy to crash which would put many people out of work. According to one doctor study “Considering a fixed transmission rate, 80% adoption of 20%, 50%, and 80% effective masks reduces cumulative relative (absolute) mortality by 1.8%”. This means if 80% of American wore masks and on average  the people that died would be almost 2%. When you break the numbers down it comes to roughly 4000 americas. America needs to listen to the doctors and health experts since they are recommending we wear the masks. Is it our best intention to start wearing them so we can get back to normal? Since  doctors have concluded that wearing a mask  has no downside and could possible prevent a nationwide shutdown combining with the fact it would allow us to go back to normal faster it seems like a no brainer

 In march everything was shut down and it almost seemed like the world was almost ending. There were copious amounts of people lining up to get food with limits on the amount of meat each family could get. Having another outbreak like that would cause tons of problems with the american healthcare system  but also another there wallets. The second wave of shutdowns is approaching upon us so restaurants, gyms, schools and other businesses shut down for the second time.  This would not only hurt families but devastated business owners a second time.  The US economy usually hinges on what top  politicians say such as the president or higher ranking senators. What they say to the media has an immediate impact on the stock market. Which could be beneficial but also could work against it as well .  In times of crisis like for example a pandemic, experts in healthcare stepin.  Scientists and healthcare workers will always side of caution which leads to politicians being put under more pressure.  Laws will go up preventing people from going out and followed by the business closing ,  followed by the stock market taking a beating. When the financial crisis hit in 2007  One estimate had been taken and 10000 lives were lost because of it. This could be a potential 2.0 if another shutdown would be in sight.  People need to work to support their families there’s no other way around it and if we want to prevent long-term suffering we need to be able to keep people working to their best of their abilities during this pandemic. Experts suggest “a real risk of a vicious downward spiral of illness and impoverishment.” If we don’t get this virus under control. We need to do everything possible not to let that happen and right now having to require a mask looks like our best option according to our nation’s doctors and many Health experts. Their priorities lie with the people’s mass safety. life may not go back to normal as soon as we would like to or in many cases need it to. We need to do our part to help end this pandemic.

 The split between Republican and Democrat has gone further and further which has ended up putting the common american at a disadvantage.News is not reliable anymore and sometimes run with the same story by spinning it in two ways. Republican senators were uneasy about the virus credibility and have often claimed it’s been over exaggerated and even were preaching against masks. That was until the president and members of his team ended up getting covid and had to be airlifted to the hospital. How we can go from its fake to preaching no mask to the president being in the hospital. People feel like they’re being lied to or have been betrayed by the media in the past and now refuse to listen to them because of that.  Health officials have been stressing how important it’s been to wear masks but many people don’t regard them since they believe it’s fake or isn’t as serious as some made it out to be by their own president. Having this disconnect is putting lives at risk with communication errors in a time where commuinicqtion has never flown so fast. We need to start looking at covid like a war instead of a battle. This will not be gone in a few weeks ,It’s a war, it will be won or lost in the lab with doctors and other lead Health experts leading thew charge  . However, this will happen only if scientists and healthcare workers are heard by the people and not belittled . We need to keep doing everything we have been recommended.

Scientists and health experts have stated wearing a mask has no downside and when it increases your chances of getting sick in any way. Even though there isn’t enough data to prove the point in small settings it has at least shown some effectiveness to prevent spread of covid-19 and to that we can’t argue. while they may be annoying it could save someone’s life and help the economy not shut down again which everyone can agree on.



612119d Auto bib

1 Eikenberry, Steffen E. “To Mask or Not to Mask: Modeling the Potential for Face …” Science Direct, 2020, pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32355904/.

To mask or not to mask: Modeling the potential for face mask use by the general public to curtail the COVID-19 pandemic

Background: This article digs deep into mask effectiveness. It talks about how effective a particular brand of mask protects the human body from getting affected by the virus. I claim how masks reduce the odds of getting the virus. 

How I used it: This article backed up my view point on the mask vs no masked issue. I used a few numbers and stats to back up my statements. They had tons of support to back up all their statements. This article helps me break down how effective masks are based on equations.

2 Mask wearing to complement social distancing and save lives during COVID-19

Leung, C. C. “Mask Wearing to Complement Social Distancing and Save …” The Union, 2020, theunion.org/news-centre/news/body/IJTLD-June-0244-Leung-FINAL.pdf. 

Background- This is doctors from the east expressing how and what their countries will do if a mask mandate isn’t listened to. They explained how important it is to wear a mask. They explained how a lockdown would follow in these countries unlike the more western countries.

What I used it for- I used it for evidence to make my mask argument stronger. They expressed how if it wasn’t followed in these countries how a ban was going to be taken place so it would help me set my tone in my research paper.

3 If the world fails to protect the economy, COVID-19 will damage health not just now but also in the future

McKee, Martin. “If the World Fails to Protect the Economy, COVID-19 Will Damage Health Not Just Now but Also in the Future.” Nature Medicine, 2020, http://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-020-0863-y. 

Background: This article shares some light on past viruses and brings in what followed them. They used the financial crisis and used examples of how the economy did bad in the past when something like this happened. They predict how the next one will hit us after this is all over.

What I used it for- I used it to help predict what would happen with the economy. It was my first tsource when I began thinking of the economical impact and how much deeper than just mask no mask.  It gave me reasons why the economy was so important to protect

4 Haiken, Melanie. “More Than 10,000 Suicides Tied To Economic Crisis, Study Says.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 12 June 2014, http://www.forbes.com/sites/melaniehaiken/2014/06/12/more-than-10000-suicides-tied-to-economic-crisis-study-says/?sh=2552f4ba7ae2. 


Back ground- This article was about the stress a time of need can put on a family. This article was about the great recession and how many lives were affected due to suiside because of money loss.

How I used it- I used it to basically use their data and compared them to times now and how they’re going to get affected if we do nothing to stop the spread of the virus. I used this as basically a reason to wear the mask as an economic reason vs even a public health reason. Combining that with the fact people are seeing people less and alone more often is not a good combination.

5 Experts worry that suicide rates could increase in CT amid pandemic

Hernandez, Samaia. “Experts Worry That Suicide Rates Could Increase in CT amid Pandemic.” WTNH.com, WTNH.com, 18 Nov. 2020, http://www.wtnh.com/news/health/experts-worry-that-suicide-rates-could-increase-in-ct-amid-pandemic/. 

Background- This is diving into the projected stats of covid 19. It expresses what expected feel will happen if the shut down extends or gets more severe.If the lockdown continues what widespread damage might be and how we can prevent it will put a stop to it before it’s too late.

What I used it for- I used this article for observation purposes. I needed to say another group of scientists agreed with my point about suicide rates going up during the pandemic if shutdowns would occur again.This helps me make my mass first No Mess argument lot easier since a lot more lives could be lost then just threw the pandemic itself. 

6 Wearing a mask is not only important, it’s life-saving. | Lincoln, NE

Johnson, Bill. “Wearing a Mask Is Not Only Important, It’s Life-Saving.” Bryan Health, 2020, http://www.bryanhealth.com/coronavirus-clp/wearing-a-mask-is-not-only-important-its-life-saving/. 

Background-  in this article they talk about why masks are so important and how many lives could potentially be saved if a mask mandate was put in place vs. not put into place. to go into specific numbers and   ended up convincing me to pick their medical opinion.It also gives tips for people to keep himself safe especially with mask safety

How I used it-I use this article to support my point and how important Masl mandate would be,  it shows the rate of transmission for people who don’t wear masks versus who do and now he’s has a mass affected if one person that or the other had a mask. 

7Experts Warn Masks Can Give Some False Sense Of Security, Encourage People To Socially Distance

`Back ground- This article expresses how serious the pandemic is and how even wearing Mask has some risk. It goes into how some studies they have done wearing a mask doesn’t always prevent the virus because sometimes you are getting closer to the  other American since they have a false sense of security and being safe.

How I used it- I basically use this as my claim to come out against because of how wishy-washy his argument.  I attacked most of his points And my rebuttal argument gave me a strong sense that’s where the other side was coming from. I feel like even though I read this article leaving a bag with just benefit me more. 

8 Lazzarino, Antonio. “Covid-19: Important Potential Side Effects of Wearing Face …” The Bjm, 20 Apr. 2020, http://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1435/rr-40. 


Background-This guy is looking at the full picture and even weighing the cost of having a mass mandate and what potential problems could be if this was put in place. The problem he finds his people would be using dirty masks  and social distancing would be forgotten and people would go closer than they were before.

My use- Since I know what potential arguments against me are I can make my argument stronger.  Once I found out why some people were against the mask it could help me change their mind and come to my side.

9 COVID-19 FAQs: Does wearing a mask affect your breathing?

Eikenberry, Steffen E. “To Mask or Not to Mask: Modeling the Potential for Face …” Sciencedirect, 2020, pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32355904/. 

Background-I used this article  to research if mask-wearing what’s causing people with breathing issues any harm.   we found out the breathing was yes a little harder but that was the point considering there’s a piece of cloth in front of your face.

How I used it- I use this  as a reason you should wear fast since it doesn’t affect your breathing and doesn’t potentially cause any harm to the person wearing it. it may make it harder to breathe but it won’t hurt you in any way wearing it for periods of time.She brings up statistics saying that oxygen levels don’t drop by any large number so there’s nothing to worry about. 

10 www.cmbclinicaltrials.com/post/handwashing-slows-the-virus-more-effectively-than-face-masks.

Nicolaides, Christos. “Handwashing Slows the Virus More Effectively than Face Masks.” CMB Clinical Trials, CMB Clinical Trials, 7 May 2020, http://www.cmbclinicaltrials.com/post/handwashing-slows-the-virus-more-effectively-than-face-masks. 

Background- This article looks at different ways to help slow down the covid-19 virus. it shows how this virus is not going to be taken down with only one precaution everything  needs to be taken seriously. They Put in detail about how important hand-washing is to ending this virus

How I used it-In this article it suggests the best way of stopping at covid-19 virus is through washing your hands. I ended up countering this article in  a way ,  since in mine I was backing the mask, as they don’t feel it is important as I do.

11 How to Properly Wear a Face Mask: Infographic

maragkis, lisa. “How to Properly Wear a Face Mask: Infographic | Johns …” HEALTH INFOGRAPHIC, 2020, http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/proper-mask-wearing-coronavirus-prevention-infographic. 

Background-   This article correctly shows all the proper procedures  to put on a face mask.  They show you all the incorrect things that many people do when putting on a face mask in what the right things are to do so you can prevent covid-19 from getting you sick. 

What I used to for-  I used this article to understand the flaws of the mask program to see if anyone was getting sick from wearing the mask.we concluded then getting a mask is relatively cheap and regularly accessible in a country like America where everyone can wear a fresh mask. What’s the transmission rate drops.

12 Do masks cause lower oxygen levels?

 Parsons, Jonathan. “Do Masks Cause Lower Oxygen Levels?” Ohio State Medical Center, 4 Aug. 2020, wexnermedical.osu.edu/blog/masks-oxygen-levels.

Background-This  is discussing whether a mask can lower oxygen levels, the words just a rumor going around. It starts off by saying scientifically that it doesn’t cost lower oxygen levels then goes into saying Mental effects could change the effectiveness of the original estimate.

What I used it for-I used this article To see if mask-wearing was really safe  as some  experts originally said.  This brings up more the mental side of saying how some people with mental issues are affected with masks.  they come out and say they actually don’t lower oxygen levels or boost CO2 levels so they are safe to wear

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