Claims- Pardonmyfrench

“At home after school, she makes Katie a pancake snack and then, while Katie shows me the website for a summer camp that teaches military spy skills, Brannan gets back to work.”


-This is an evaluative claim. Being described is how busy her daily routine is as a mom trying to keep it all together because of dealing with PTSD.

“Because she also helps thousands of other people—measured by website and social-media interactions—through Family of a Vet, a nonprofit created “to help you find your way, find the information you need, and find a way not only to cope with life after combat…but to survive and thrive!”


-The first part of the claim is a quantitive claim. Brennan does in fact help thousands of people through her job at the VA, her nonprofit, and her family life. This is all which measured out through a social media website and counted.

-The second part of the sentence is an evaluative claim. It is talking about and evaluating life after the military and making the judgment all life after combat needs help coping with.

“Brannan founded the organization in 2007, after panicked Googling led her to the website of Vietnam Veteran Wives (VVW) when Caleb returned from his second tour. Life after the first tour had been pretty normal.”


-The first sentence is a causal claim. Brennan founded the organization because Caleb had returned home from war.

-The second sentence is an evaluative claim because it is describing the situation after he returned home.

“Things were a little…off,” Caleb was edgy, distant, but he did not forget entire conversations minutes later, did not have to wait for a stable mental-health day and good moment between medication doses to be intimate with his wife, and then when he finally tried, pray to Christ for one of the times when it’s good sex”


-This is a is a category claim. All of these different things could go into the category of someone who deals and has symptoms of PTSD when they return home.

“One of the times when a car door slams outside and triggers him, or the emotion becomes so unbearable that he freezes, gets up, and walks wordlessly out the door.”


-This is a causal claim. Since we know he has PTSD from earlier in the text we can now realize that these are the daily things that didn’t use to bother him that do now due to combat. Without going to war he would never have had trigger such as these making is causation.

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