All that didn’t happen until after the second tour.

-This is an example of an evaluative claim. Brannan evaluated that Caleb’s behavior was different from before the second tour leading her to claim that it was after the tour that he started to show strange behavior.

Brannan was in a terrible place, she says—until she talked to Danna Hughes, founder of VVW.

-This is an example of a causal claim. Brennan is claiming that she got out of a terrible situation because she talked to Danna Hughes. 

Danna had been through much of the exact same turmoil, decades ago, and had opened a center to help get Vietnam vets benefits and educate their spouses and communities about their condition.

-This is an example of a comparative claim. The author compares Brannans situation to what Danna has been through and makes the claim that they went through the exact same turmoil.

-This is also a factual claim. The author writes that Danna opened a center to help Vietnam vets and this is a fact.

“What choice do I have?” Brannan asks about running her own organization.

-This is an example of an evaluative claim. Brannan evaluates that based on her situation, she has no choice but to seek help.

“This is the only reason I am well. People care when you tell them. They just don’t know. They want to help and they want to understand, so I just have to keep going and educating.”

-This is an example of an ethical/moral claim. Brannan is claiming that people care but they just don’t know. This is judging the morals of people which might not be true.

-This is also a causal claim. Brannan is saying that she has to keep educating people because they want help and want to understand.

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