My hypothesis – mesrurerowan

  1. Child emotional abuse
  2. Child emotional abuse and unconscious parenting
  3. Emotional abuse is the most common form of child abuse and usually happens in family environment by parents.
  4. Emotional abuse is a common form of child abuse, which can harm children just as physical abuse and cause lifetime problems. Children usually is exposed to this abuse by their unconscious parents.
  5. Making a child feel worthless, unloved, alone or scared is emotional abuse, and unconscious parents may harm their children by emotionally abusing them.
  6. Making a child feel worthless, unloved, alone or scared is emotional abuse, which is also known as psychological or verbal abuse and parents unconsciously harm their children by emotionally abusing them.

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3 Responses to My hypothesis – mesrurerowan

  1. davidbdale says:

    Beautiful start, Mesrure. I acknowledge and appreciate your commitment to a crucial social condition.
    Make your Step 6 your new Step 1 and start again.
    We will all grant you the premise that emotional abuse harms youth.
    1. Emotional abuse by parents of their children harms both parties.

    Start there.
    What are the results of such abuse?
    Is the cycle unbreakable?
    If it can be broken, what is the mechanism?

    And other questions worthy of your research.

    Respond please or risk me ignoring you in the future. 🙂

  2. mesrurerowan says:

    Hi Professor,
    Thanks for your feedback. Do you want me to restart changing the entire hypothesis and answer the questions in the comment? I scheduled a teleconference to discuss my hypotesis because I’m a little bit confused. My intention is to focus on how it effects children but would you like me to mention about parents’ side as well?

    • davidbdale says:

      My point here, Mesrure, is that you haven’t narrowed your focus enough yet to cover your hypothesis in 3000 words. The topic is still much too broad. If the claim you make in 6 were the one you started with as your 1, you could certainly narrow it enough in five steps to have a nicely-focused demonstrable hypothesis by step 6. We can talk more about this during your conference. Right now your hypothesis is: emotional abuse damages children, and that’s just too broad.

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