My Hypothesis- clementine102

1.) Abortion

2.) Abortion vs. Mother’s body

3.) The body of a mother who is having an abortion

4.) Physical and mental effects mothers acquire when having an abortion

5.) Women are not informed enough about what you go through when having an abortion.

6.) If woman today were informed of the horrid things you go through after having an abortion, most woman will want to give birth instead of aborting the baby.

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2 Responses to My Hypothesis- clementine102

  1. davidbdale says:

    All right, clementine!
    I love the passion and commitment.

    Now, let’s get specific.
    Make your Step 6 into your new Step 1 and tell me something I can’t ignore.

    “the horrid things you go through.” You can’t shrink from the horror if you want to be taken seriously, clementine. Name the horrors. Clarify whether they’re physical or emotional, psychological, pathological, social, existential.

    START there. Then convince me you have a hypothesis that can be researched and effectively argued.

    You got my attention. Now, respond, please, or risk me ignoring you in the future. 🙂


    • clementine102 says:

      Ok thank you so much for your feedback! That was so helpful to me I really appreciate it. I am not sure if I you want me to re-post my new hypothesis or not but I will definitely use your feedback anyway on my improved hypothesis.


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