My Hypothesis – gooferious

  1. Drugs on college campuses
  2. The increase of different types of drugs on college campuses
  3. The effect drugs have on college students who live on campus
  4. More interesting, extravagant college programs that will help educate college students on the dangers and consequences behind substance abuse
  5. What colleges/universities can do to help the battle on drugs within campuses is by providing more realistic options of fun for college students
  6. Instituting a one-strike rule about drugs will reduce the actual use of drugs on campus rather than a standard three-strike rule

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1 Response to My Hypothesis – gooferious

  1. davidbdale says:

    I doubt it.
    Three-strike rules give offenders a chance to figure out what qualifies and what does not qualify as a violation of the rules.
    A one-strike rule provides no useful information about actual enforcement.
    —Does “holding an ounce for a friend” violate the policy?
    So your categories and rules are WAY TOO VAGUE.

    Also, your 1-6 sequence does not actually sequence. There’s no progress from 1 to 6. The steps appear to have no logical progression. What does steps 1-5 have to do with a 1-strike rule?

    What’s your goal? To kick out students who use drugs? To discourage drug users from applying to the college? To wean drug users off of drugs?

    I’m pretty sure you haven’t thought through these choices.

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