1. men and diagnosed depression resulting in suicide.
  2. One in nine meant will be diagnosed with a major depressive disorder. Men often feel like they cannot reach out for help because, “boys don’t cry.”
  3. Just in 2018, men died by suicide 3.65x faster than women did. At a very young age young men are told to hid their emotions, it makes them weak and their need to appear strong.
  4. More women are seeking help with no complications because we almost expect women to be emotional. Men seek help for mental health way less often, at 32%. This, putting them at a greater risk for suicide.
  5. For a man with undiagnosed depression, or any undiagnosed mental illness, they normally turn to alcohol or drugs. Anything to help them ease the pain and stress of having concerns and feeling they cannot ask for help, in fear they will look sensitive and vulnerable.
  6. With that, men are twice as likely to meet criteria for alcohol dependency than women are. Because they feel they need to self-medicate, the drugs and alcohol can seem like a quick and easy short-term solution, this can actually deepen depression while driving impulse behavior. All leading back to suicide. Speaking openly about mens mental health needs to be normalized and can be emphasized at a young age.
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