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It seems counterintuitive that Apple had people eavesdropping on their friends’ phones while facetiming. Apple allowed that by having a design flaw or “Face Palm” bug that allowed callers to listen in before the person even answers the facetime call. 14 year old Grant Thompson and many others, was who encountered this weird security flaw, and his mother has tried to reach out to the apple software team, but only was told to create a developer account to be able to send a formal bug report. After more than a week,  Apple didn’t really jump to fix this bug. That being said, it only seems the company reacted after seeing a complaint on the apple fan site that went viral regarding the bug. Regardless of whether it is fixed or not, the fact that this even existed is so scary for people to understand since it really is a huge invasion of privacy. If the company really cared about this bug, don’t you think a big corporation should have caught this bug prior to it being released around the world? With that in mind, it really makes you wonder, what else don’t we know about these devices that the majority carry constantly. 

It seems counterintuitive that dogs are adopted by the majority of people based on their looks. The golden retriever and Australian shepherd are perfect examples of this concept showing people ‘shop’ pets by cuteness instead of personality, or their ability to work. The golden retriever was really intended to be bred to hunt waterfowl, and the aussie was for herding. When people buy off looks instead of jobs, that can actually cause obesity and more underlying health issues since they are not working like they are intended to. The fact pound dogs are usually overlooked due to how most look rugged (and may act rugged based on past interactions) is a very sad reality people tend to ignore, leaving the dogs to die alone in kennels. Personally, I feel that if people actually really care about getting a dog, they would be more intrigued about the dogs in shelters in their hometowns that are usually dirt cheap in kennels that they practically give away, but the people would rather have the dogs sometimes poorly breed for looks (often inbred) with pretty eyes and a beautiful coat. 

It seems counterintuitive that we park on the driveway, and drive on a parkway. The english language is one of the most difficult languages to learn because we have so many contradictions. Another example that makes your head hurt is that the word ‘inflammable’ meaning that something is flammable, regardless of the prefix ‘in’ implying ‘no, not’. Now that I got your brain gears grinding, let’s go back to the original statement. If the word ‘Driveway’ refers to the public being able to use this road to get to a building, why would we deem it to only being the little section of road next to our house? On the other hand, the ‘parkway’ implies “a broad landscaped highway”. When breaking down the physical words though, drive + way, or park + way, how could such words be flipped, yet make sense to the American public?

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