My hypothesis- profs22

  1. Mental health
  2. Mental health treatment should be taken seriously
  3. The treatment of mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health.
  4. If treatment for mental health was as easily available as treatment for physical health, it would significantly reduce the rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, etc.
  5. If medicine regarding mental health was as prioritized as treatment available for physical health it would significantly reduce the rate of suicides.
  6. Making drugs easier to obtain for mental health disorders, would significantly reduce the rates of suicide.

7. Requiring health insurance corporations to cover the cost of mental health treatments would make medication easier to access for people struggling with depression and dramatically reduce the rates of suicide.

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1 Response to My hypothesis- profs22

  1. davidbdale says:

    This is a good start, profs, and I want to encourage you to continue to revise your way in the direction of a very specific hypothesis that’s truly counterintuitive.

    As it stands, your admirable hypothesis is still VERY VAGUE. I know. It seems specific. But it isn’t. MENTAL HEALTH encompasses SO MANY DISORDERS, diseases, syndromes, that it’s almost as meaningless as physical health. And DRUGS! DRUGS! How broad is that!

    I suspect you may have something much more specific in mind already, so let’s start there.

    I just did a .002-second Google search for “medication for depression,” and the first sponsored result was this:

    Online Anxiety Care for $19/mo – Depression Medication – $19/mo
    US licensed doctors for online visits and care. Get your meds delivered or local pickup. Online doctor visit and treatment program only $19/mo. Local Rx pickup or delivery. Five Star App. #1 Medical App. Services: U.S. Licensed Physicians, Telemedicine, Telehealth.

    So, the first thing that occurs to me when you say, “Making drugs easier to obtain for mental health disorders, would significantly reduce the rates of suicide,” is “Wow. How much easier could it be? Online doctors. $19/month! Problem solved!”

    I suspect this is not the solution you had in mind, but a thoughtful reader responding to your #6 might reasonably object, “Easy access to drugs is not much of an answer.” And you know she’d be right.

    So, let’s start with #6 as your new #1. How much more specific can you get about WHICH ONE mental illness you wish to investigate, maybe which ONE DRUG or course of therapy you think is currently too difficult to obtain, and then hope to be surprised along the way by something truly counterintuitive, such as “The patients given the easiest access to drug therapies approved by their doctors were twice as likely to commit suicide than those who received no medication.” Or something like that.

    Was that helpful? Do you want to schedule a Teleconference? If you do, text-alert me that you’re on my schedule.

    (Like Feedback? Be sure to respond. It’s the best way to make me responsive again next time. 🙂 )


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