Summaries – dayzur

1.) Polio Vaccinators Assassinated

It seems counterintuitive that groups of vaccinators, backed by the UN, attempting to rid the world of a horrible virus are being killed in the process by other means. In 2012, Pakistan was the second leading country in number of cases of the Polio virus, falling short to Nigeria. Just like Nigeria, the Pakistani opposed this. Most militants thought this was a means to be spied on. Something like this had happened before which made them feel this way. In 2011, a fake CIA Hepatitis vaccination was used as a means to locate and kill Osama Bin Laden.

Fast forward one year, in 2012, there was to be a three-day nationwide Polio drive for vaccination in the countries largest city consisting of 5.2 million vaccinations. Until it was cut short. A group of people, whom have not stepped forward, killed a group of 5 women backed by the UN attempting to give Polio vaccinations. A police spokesperson has stepped up and claimed that this was not just an act of spontaneous aggression, but a fully planned out attack.

2.) Gun Regulation

It seems counterintuitive that owning a gun to make a person feel safer typically leads to the opposite intention, and threatens their very lives. Studies have shown that owning a gun increases the risk of being shot by either, an accident, homicide, or suicide.

States that have more guns, typically have a higher suicide rate, much by gun suicide, while other kinds of suicide don’t show too much difference. Some deaths are not intentional, and this is in the case of accidents. It is 11 times more likely for children to die in the presence of a gun in a home in America, than in other developed countries.

The chances of you needing to keep a concealed weapon on you in case of a home invasion are very slim. Just keeping a gun in your home has also shown to lead to more attacks on family or acquaintances, and not by someone breaking into your home.

3.) Clean Girls Get Sicker

It seems counterintuitive that even though, little girls tend to be much cleaner than boys, they are also more prone to getting sick. Boys at a young age are encouraged to play outside, and get dirty, because that is just what boys “do”. On the other hand, girls at a young age, are taught to be cleaner, typically do not play outside as much, and supervised by parents leading to a different outcome.

As you are exposed to germs when you are younger you grow more immune to them as you grow. The dirt that these boys are playing in contain massive amounts of bacteria. This exposure leads the boys to build up a greater immunity than their female counterparts. On the side of the girls, this exposure is much less, leading to a higher chance of sickness than the boys.

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