It seems counterintuitive that heroin  addicts are being given free herion 2-3 times a day, but it actually improves the situation for everyone. While doing this it will help Regulate the addicts’ use and supply them with all they need. The program is not designed to cure addiction, it is designed specifically to prevent these people from ending up dead in an alley or committing a felony or selling their bodies away. So while heroin will still affect their life it won’t kill them or put others in danger, so in all reality it’s a smart plan. The 26 people who are currently on this plan didn’t want to get clean anyway.

It is counterintuitive that strict parents who aim for their children’s success can end up being the cause of a child’s anxiety, wild party life , and could push them to death. Not letting your child experience things for themselves and learning from their mistakes could harm them in big ways. One the child could be so locked up once he goes to college he just goes wild because the child never has freedom or it can fall the other way as well it could make them scared and not want to leave do anything without their parents.  This rings even more in Chinese culture. There is a  pressure to push children to be the best and to strive for a professional career that meets above satisfactory standards.  This parenting style will help the kids do better in school but it takes away them from growing on their own. 

It seems counterintuitive that guns in the United States aren’t banned but drugs are illegal yet many people do them and end up dying by drugs every year. People are going to do what they want anyway. Too many illegal guns already in the country will make the citizens who already follow them continue to follow it but the criminals will still break the law. So it comes down to whether you want people buying legal guns that you are able to track or illegal guns.

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