Practice Opening – dayzur

The eradication of Polio will not be able to happen until other deep rooted issues are resolved in Nigeria. Over half of the population of Nigeria is living in grinding poverty, most with no access to clean water or even toilets. Nigeria is ranked 152nd out of 187 countries on the Human Development Index and it all seems to stem from a major issue between the government and the poor, who believe their government abandoned them. This leaves the Nigerian people skeptic whenever vaccination teams make attempts to rid the people and their children of Polio. Rumors roam about the people on how the vaccination is contaminated with AIDS or infertility drugs, leading to the Nigerians refusal. Nigeria is the only country in the world with all three types of Polio still circulating yearly with an abysmal vaccination rate of 13%. There is less than 1% of the population with the virus globally and Nigeria is a big stepping stone to reach that final goal. Each year, Nigeria shows the most cases out of any other country in the world still active with Polio and will continue to be unless a change is made.

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