Practice Opening – ComicDub

Eradication of the Polio disease seems so close, yet so far away. In recent years, through the support of numerous organizations worldwide, Nigeria, the leading country in Polio cases, has been able to bring their number of cases down to all-time lows. This sounds promising but the deeper you look into it, the more hopeless the eradication of polio in Nigeria seems to become. It is all due to the deep rooted distrust in the country’s corrupt government. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is placed among one of the more corrupt countries in the world. That is why when rumors started that the vaccine carried containments such as the AIDS virus, some northern states banned the vaccine causing a skyrocket in cases in the following years. If the trust of the Nigerians is not regained, the country will never be rid of Polio and if Nigeria is never free of the disease, the whole world will never be as well.

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