biggarz-visual rhetoric


I see nothing too special. Smokey the bear as an animoji, some kids smiling, a tent, a forest of pine trees to the left and regular trees on the right. Grass looks dry and dead like winter is approaching. Same with the trees


Bear starts to talk. Background has no change kids are now gone.


Background remains the same still. Bear is not actually smokey it is Steven Colbert. Bear winks.


Balloons show up. 75 year anniversary for smokey the bear. Voice goes to smokey and says his famous line. Back to Colbert after though.


Still Steven Colbert as Smokey. Bear is still centered and the main focus. Background is blurred out.


Kids and tent are back. They look happy then automatically sad after Smokey says 90% of wildfires are started by us humans


Going on about wildfires


Grill pops up. Dumping leftover coals can be harmful.


Blaming the fires on humans still. “We started the fire.” Fire emojis around the grass


Still the fire emojis. They’re gone back to only smokey. Now saying he loves trees no matter the scented kinds or coniferous.


No more animoji. Now it is just a graphic of smokey holding his balloon for 75 years being alive. Brown background. Has patches for the foundations

My experience with this video was overall a good one. It was pretty simple to understand and the message was very clear. I personally thought that this video was a great example of all three. However, it was more along the lines of pathos because it appealed to emotions mostly being bright and fun. However getting acoss an important message.

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