Claims- MysteryLimbo

  1. PTSD is a psychological disorder that involves a person continuously suffering from past traumatic experiences. In most cases of PTSD it involves soldiers or rape victims.
  2. PTSD is one of the many psychological disorders that we do not understand completely. PTSD is common and has no one cause.
  3. PTSD is classified as a mental illness due to its long-term affects.
  4. There is a direct correlation between PSTD patients and the spread of the mental illeness such as PTSD, aniexty, depression, etc. either through communication or confrontation.
  5. Our veterans aren’t getting the proper research, funds, or any other kind of support although they were willing to sacrifice their lives.
  6. Even though there’s veteran suffering for protecting our country, they aren’t recieveing the right attention or support from the American people.
  7. Iraq brought in record high PTSD patients leaving doctors and veterans hopeless and above else confused.
  8. Not to state the obvious but PTSD is due to high exposure of unnatural tramua. War, rape, and ither forces of stress are common in their own light and the stressed induced any of those should be taken seriously.
  9. In order for this problem to disappear the government needs to start caring about the individual rather than reducing statstics because mental illness is a rising issue in our country.
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