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The company Sawstop was the first company to market a table saw that detects flesh and stops the blade. This kind of new Technology could save millions of people fingers and hands. In the other hand this company had to do a lawsuit against Bosch because he wanted to order to stop sales of Reaxx jobsite table saw because he copyright their new table saw. Sawstop company new product the who table saw will destroy it self in the process if your fingers get close to it, while In the Reaxx table saw the blade go under a whole called housing below the table saw.


Actually, even though it was restricted for Bosch to sell in marker his Reaxx saw the orders that were already sent to buyers before the ITC decision started to getting involved they actually went through and let him proceed in those purchases. Meanwhile now customers will have less chance on deciding which one could’ve worked better, but I believe that if it was for he customers in believe they would’ve on decided to buy the Reaxx saw instead of the Sawstop saw machine because Sawstop company product destroys itself. While the Reaxx saw doesn’t. So for the Reaxx saw you get both advantages, but in Sawstop saw you only will get one.

Industry Spokes People

They agree with the company Sawstop because they were the original creators of this new technical table saw and copyrighting without even a license is violating basically stealing the product. This is the President of Sawstop company (Dr. Stephen Glass). He totally agreed on law suiting Bosch because of his patent infringement.

Consumer safety Advocates

The company Sawstop when they law suited Bosch the US International Trade Commission (ITC) got involved as the protectors of invasions in this case the table saw. They were the ones that really finish the case and gave all the strong advantages to the company because in everyone eye Bosch copyrighted and violated security rules.

Injured Plaintiffs

When it comes to the safety of saws, specially with the new technical product. There might be a concerned with it because is it a chance willing to take. Is really a great invasion to reduce the amount of injuries, but the question is, if it would stand long enough.

Personal Injury Lawyers

This product is a big chance to reduce the amount of injuries. Actually it will cause injury lowers to get less passions. this is why this product is dangerous for this kind of lawyers because it will reduce amount of injuries so less money. This actually won’t be good business for this specific lawyers. You also had to have in mind that this kind of business will do anything to get what they want. At the end of the day they will go always to he side that will  benefit them. Also, you have to have a consideration that injury lawyers also could help with this product if you think about it. Imagining the machine gets out of control. You could lawsuit.

Government Officials

They totally agree with the SawStop company. Even thought they decide that Bosch can’t sale ans market the Reaxx saw, he still could “sell and market the units they already have.” Meaning that purchases due before the ITC decision was made will all go through successfully.  The government officials are actually  not 100% sure about this new technical table saw machine. At the end of the day there are always negative sides in each product made all over the world because nothing is perfect, because we humans are not perfect.

News Reporters

In this kind of  case news reporters are really trying to tel us that there has been a competition or you could say a debate between the Sawstop company and Bosch Reaxx saw. They also might be talking about the sadness the Bosch felt when the final decision was made. Bosch will try his best to continue hos service and provide us with new repair products that will help the Reaxx saw replacement. A way he could use it without being copyrighted or law suited again.  Remember everything because he didn’t had no secure license.

I believe that the Sawstop had all the right to lawsuit Bosch, but they shouldn’t of taking his product out of market and sell because at the end of the day the company could’ve done something with it or even negotiate.

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