Visual Rhetoric- yourfavoriteanon

WWE’s Titus O’Neil|Fatherhood Involvement|Ad Council

0:00-0:03  An African American male, bald with a short trimmed beard , wearing a purple button up is seen turning up the volume on a grey boombox and then pouring ice from a clear ice tray into a silver ice bucket on a white counter maybe for a possible party

0:04-0:07 He’s seen grabbing a bag from his pantry containing pretzels that he proceeds to pour into a bowl. Next he walks to his silver refrigerator opening it to collect a pack of cans with a covered label that could be any kind of beverage. The scene cuts to him opening the front door to an individual shorter than him because he is looking down on them but the individual can not be seen in the frame

0:08-0:11 The frame cuts out to show who is at the door and Titus (name later revealed/person seen in the beginning) smiles to see it is the delivery man in a red cap and polo handing Titus a bag and box presumed carrying food. Titus is then seen setting up a small green table and folding chairs next to it and proceeds to sit with a deck of cards.

0:12-0:15 Titus hit the table with the cards, straightening the deck and shuffles it and then passes out the cards like a dealer to himself and two others(not seen yet)

0:16-0:19 The frame cuts to Titus reading his cards up to his face concealing them and he looks to his left at one of his opponents and then the camera zooms out revealing his name and affiliation as a WWE superstar as Titus looks concerned with something and the two others are revealed to be kids assuming they are his

0:20-0:24 As the camera is still panning out, you can see the kid’s were eating snacks and sandwiches with juice and the kid Titus is looking at says something to him that makes them all laugh and Titus throws his cards down onto the table smiling as they dance.

I chose this video because it shows the major importance of taking time out of your day when you have kids to show you care for them. Just a minute with your kids can make a memory.

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