Claims- NYAJ32

Paragraph 7

“The vineses’ wedding album is gorgeous, leather bound, older and dustier than you might expect given their youth.”

This first sentence is a comparative claim. They are comparing the album to something that does not age well. It says it look older than it should given it’s youth. It is a relatively new album but it still looks old.

“Brannan is 32 now, but in her portraits with the big white dress and lacy veil she’s not even old enough to drink.”

This is also a comparative claim. Brannan is actually 32 but they are comparing hat to her pictures where she is not even 21. The pictures were made at least 11 years ago.

“There were 500 people at the ceremony. Even the mayor was there.”

This is a quantitative claim. It shows how there are so many people there and that the event is a very big deal based off the number of people that are in attendance.

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