“Katie* Vines, the first time I meet her, is in trouble. “

Right off the bat the author of this entry uses an evaluative claim. By this I mean the author is saying that when she first met this girl she evaluated her situation saying that this girl “is in trouble” which in fact could mean something totally different.

“…you don’t have to be at the Vines residence for too long to hear Caleb hollering from his room…”

This sentence shows the use of a numerical claim. It is pretty simple to see that it is talking about time and how the author explains to the reader that you don’t have to stay around them too long. The question does get asked how long exactly.

“Other studies have found a “higher rate of psychiatric treatment”“more dysfunctional social and emotional behavior”“difficulties in establishing and maintaining friendships.”

The studies shown here are some factual claims like it causes a higher rate of treatment, however the difficulties of maintaining friendships is just a caasual claim.

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