Snow Day Attendance

Good News

I was encouraged to see that eight of my students logged on to our Counterintuitivity blog during yesterday’s snow cancellation, left good Notes on the MON FEB 11 Agenda, and followed through with very thoughtful responses to the Tasks for the day.

Those exemplary students have fulfilled the requirements for class participation and are considered to have attended class on Monday.

Bad News

Of course, that means a dozen of my favorite people in the world ignored my Monday morning text, stayed off the blog, and did not attend “the home version” of our class yesterday. For those students, the appropriate attendance category is “Unexcused Absence.”

Good News Again

I’m happy to extend to my dozen delinquent students a second chance to attend yesterday’s class. Open the Agenda for MON FEB 11. Study the material. Leave Notes on the Agenda page. Complete the Tasks by 11:59PM today, TUE FEB 12.

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