This is in the wrong place

July, I appreciate you’re working on this Task, but its rightful place is as a Reply to the Bartering Explained, Badly post. I’m afraid it will confuse your classmates to see your post here. Please paste this material as a Reply to the Barter post and delete this post when you’ve done so. Thank you very much.

Bartering is trading things you have, for goods from someone else in return. It has pro’s and con’s just as almost everything else. The positives are it involves no money, and you do not need to trade anything personal or important to you. The bad thing is that you don’t know how reliable the other person is, or if their item is as valuable as they say it is. Bartering is something that was used heavily during the Great Depression due to lack of money, but has been neglected as the years went on and money became more important.

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