“Apple’s Face Palm Bug”

It seems counterintuitive that a big company like Apple can have a bug that is bigger than what people think. To explain this bug which takes place on the group facetime feature in the IOS 12 update people can spy on your phone so to say without the user answering the call.

The main reason this was found was just by a regular 14 year old kid who accidentally discovered this. It raises some questions to think about if Apple does care about their users security. Yes, this is a good way for you and your friends to prank each other having your voice and face on their phone even if you don’t answer your phone. Apple claims to be working on a fix for the past month, but nothing has come out yet which raises more questions how hard is Apple actually working on this.

“Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?”

It seems counterintuitive that gun laws have not been changed after all these recent incidents and tragic ones too. However, I do stand to have a very strong opinion on this topic. We as a country need to regulate guns somehow, but take into account that these laws have been with America since the Bill of Rights.

Guns are one of the most controversial topics in our society today. However, the thoughts one has is usually dependent on their political views. It would be naive to try and remove all guns from society since there will always be guns based on the black market for guns. In addition the things that should change are stronger background checks and to try and address the illegal gun trade which may seem illogical.

“Net Neutrality”

It seems counterintuitive that this topic is still being talked about today. If one really thinks about it these companies are oligopolies. They are the only ones who control the internet and you can think they could set up the prices.

However, this idea is extremely important because it saves all of the internet users from having to pay more money for faster internet. Even though you pay for better internet the companies under net neutrality won’t be able to stop access from certain sites or internet connection. Also this can lead into a bit of the anti trust fund laws.

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