Summary 1—July

It seems counterintuitive that the average person can make such a big impact on the nation, or even the world , but the governments can not. As I’ve heard for years now, It all starts with a person who is passionate about change for the better. For example, Veronica Khosa has changed her government health policy in Brazil. How you ask? She created a clinic for AIDS patients, making it seem like home, so they were comfortable. Although that is just one thin going on in this gigantic planet, there are many more people just like her all over. Schramm, who is a citizen in the U.S, helped over thousands of teenagers get into college, although they’re living in a low income area. The major point to be made is that these are everyday people making huge impacts on thousands of lives, and their nation. When will the time come where the government is actually putting it’s people, and their nation, on the top of their priority list?

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