Apple’s “Face Palm” Bug

It seems counterintuitive that a multinational AND multi billion dollar company like Apple can mistakenly create such a security flaw in their products. On January 19 of this year, 14 -year-old Grant Thompson found out that he could eavesdrop on his friend through his phone before his friend even had the chance to pick up. His mother immediately reported this incident to Apple the following day. Due to Apple’s unforgiving error, iPhone users were now facing a major problem. How can a company who sells hundred of thousands of products a day make such a slip? It wasn’t until a week later Apple finally did something about it. It’s beyond belief that this company advertises themselves as one that gets rid of these kinds of bugs easily, yet it took a week to dismiss this one. Now people are raising concerns about Apple’s security and privacy policies.

Human Food Labels?

It seems counterintuitive that stores label their food products as “humane”, but ignore the fact that the farm animals used are put into poor conditions. When you go to the grocery store to find the foods you would say are the “healthiest” ones out there, you look for keywords on the label such as “organic” or “cage-free”. But do you ever wonder if those labels are only there to get you to buy the product? Do you know for a fact that those eggs come from hens that are allowed to roam around free of cages? Whole Foods as well as Safeway and Supervalu have started to falsely advertise their products as “humane”. There are certain legal actions that companies have to take in order to be able to say their animals are in humane conditions, but quite frankly they probably aren’t. Perdue has been filed a class-action lawsuit by the Humane Society for “alleged false advertising of factory farmed chicken products as ‘humane'”. It is our job as consumers to take it upon ourselves and do our own research to make sure we are truthfully buying what we really want. Next time you are at your local farmers market, make it a priority to speak to the farmer to check if those eggs you are buying are actually cage-free.

Clean Girls Get Sicker?

It seems counterintuitive that the cleanest girls get more sicknesses than those who are exposed to germs early in life. It is expected of boys to play outside, while girls stay inside to play, which explains their health differences later in life. The lack of germ and parasite exposure children face may cause autoimmune diseases in their adulthood. That is why women develop these diseases more than men do because of the insufficient amount of time they spend getting dirty. Sounds crazy right? Further research provided that being exposed to these germs does help with preventing the likelihood of obtaining such diseases, but getting that exposure at a very young age would aid even better. Although, hygiene and sanitation policies have been enhanced, it won’t hurt to get your toddler running around in some bacteria-present playground.

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