My Hypothesis-Chavanillo

  1. You never should be addicted to anything because it harms your health and body.
  2. You should never be addicted to your phone because it harms your brain and health.
  3. How smartphones addiction is affecting our physical and mental health
  4. What is the affect of smartphones being the reason because if it’s radiation causing memory loss, loss in hearing and sleep,an a increased in cancer.
  5. Having control of your smartphones instead of he smartphone controlling you will reduce the amount of harming your health.
  6. Having control of your smartphone would reduce the amount of health risk more then just not caring and improving your addiction because you will make yourself realize how dangerous smartphones could be if we depend on it.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis-Chavanillo

  1. davidbdale says:

    Your proposal for a hypothesis is risky, Chavanillo, because such popular topics pose two very real problems:
    1. The arguments about them are so completely exhausted there is very little new another paper can add to the discourse.
    2. The ready availability of research papers for sale create a very tempting situation for students who feel pressured to finish something original at the end of the semester. (More than one of my students have failed the course by borrowing heavily from papers on marijuana legalization, violent video games, capital punishment, and, yes, smart device addiction.)

    My approach to anyone interested in these broad topics is threefold.

    1. I try to guide them away from the topic to something fresh and untrodden.
    2. If that fails, I help them craft a unique perspective on the topic that avoids most of what’s already been written and researched.
    3. If that fails, I demand very strong, very early, and well-documented evidence of original research before the halfway point of the semester. Students who show they’re doing their own work before the end of the semester mitigate the appearance that they might be trying to copy their way to a finished product.

    Potential physical and mental health problems of smartphone addition have been all too well documented, Chavanillo, but with a bit of reading, you may be able to craft a fresh perspective for yourself.

    Remember, the way forward is not THINKING about your topic (that’s how you got to this impasse); it’s READING about your topic. Examine the most unusual sources you can find until you see something that makes you say, “Now THAT’S interesting!”

    When you decide to revise this Hypothesis, please don’t start a new post. Just open this one in Edit and Update it. If you want another round of critique, just put it back into the Feedback Please category.

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