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The therapeutic and physiological effects that placebos have on a person will ultimately be more beneficial than prescription drugs in curing minor health conditions such as pain relief and depression.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    RS, my first impulse was to see if there might be something unexpected or counterintuitive about the common knowledge that CFCs damage the ozone layer. I did a simple Googls Scholar search for +ozone +unexpected +politics and generated some intriguing results immediately.

    Then a very quick scan of some of the articles I had located opened a new line of inquiry: the very complicated case of ozone itself. At the lower level of the atmosphere, down here where we all live, ozone is an irritant, a pollutant, dangerous to plants and to human lungs among other things. But at the upper level of the stratosphere, it’s an essential atmospheric component that keeps catastrophic levels of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from reaching the ground. Even more complicated, ozone is a very useful chemical, with multiple commercial uses, and something that we deliberately manufacture to clean swimming pools, disinfect laundry, kill bacteria in food production plants, and take the smoke odor out of unoccupied buildings, among dozens of other uses. (Is it a component of those Oxy laundry detergents? I don’t know, but you might want to find out.)

    Anyway, that line of inquiry seemed a lot more interesting to me than “proving” what’s already been proved hundreds of times already, that ozone in the air causes trouble for asthma sufferers, for example.

    I’ll attach pictures of the first page of Google Scholar results for my simple search.

    Please begin to grapple with the implications of whatever surprising findings you make examining the work of researchers who have preceded you, RS. Interacting with other writers is the crux of the research project.

    If I can find thought-provoking articles in a 5-minute search of Google Scholar, you can too. Once you begin putting yourself through the process of actually interacting with provocative source material, you can stop THINKING about your topic and start WRITING about a hypothesis.


    Please Reply. It’s how we meet the course requirements. 🙂

    (Remember, if you can’t get full access to these materials, or you run up against a pay-wall, you can search the titles and authors at the Rowan Library database and probably find them for free.)

    top of page.

    bottom of page

    • rowanstudent2 says:

      Sorry for the late response, but this feedback really helped me realize that my hypothesis should be something unexpected or simply wanting readers to see if I can prove it.

      • davidbdale says:

        I do like placebos as a topic, RS. From the start, it’s counterintuitive to consider that the “fake” medicine is as effective as, maybe even more effective than the “real” medicine. The real work begins when you start interacting with your sources. Then you’ll find out what’s truly surprising about placebos (and whether they have to be pills).

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