My Hypothesis – Johndoe

The wide use of self-driving cars would make the roads a lot safer.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You really need to get started formalizing this Hypothesis, JD. THINKING about the topic has gotten you only this far. It’s time to start interacting with sources, arguing with other people’s points of view, engaging with the material.

    I spent two minutes doing a Google Scholar search for:
    safety “self-driving cars”
    and unearthed a wide range of thought-provoking material you can use creatively.

    1. The challenge of cars getting around safely in the urban environment (NOT on the highway)

    2. Developing Trust among pedestrians and other drivers.
    This source lists 16 more sources on its first page!

    3. Sharing the Road with Conventional Vehicles

    4. The special case of aging or aged drivers

    5. I would do this one! Can we program ETHICS into driverless cars? Here the question is, what’s the standard for “accident” when a robot can’t swerve in time to avoid running over a drunk who flings himself into traffic?

    6. A mathematical model for safety assurance (in case you’re mathematically inclined or an engineer at heart).

    Please begin to grapple with the implications of this investigators and thinkers who already got to the topic before you came to class. Interacting with other writers is the crux of the research project.

    If I can find these thought-provoking articles in a 5-minute search of Google Scholar, you can too. Once you begin putting yourself through the process of actually interacting with provocative source material, you can stop THINKING about your topic and start WRITING about a hypothesis.


    Please Reply. It’s how we meet the course requirements. 🙂

    (Remember, if you can’t get full access to these materials, or you run up against a pay-wall, you can search the titles and authors at the Rowan Library database and probably find them for free.)


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