Reflective – Tikeena Sturdivant

Composition 2 has not been a “walk in the park” for me! This course may have been easy for others, however, it was slight difficult for me. It wasn’t that the work load was to much or the papers were difficult to do, my grammar skills just were not strong. As funny as it sounds, after a while the “”fail for grammar” comments that Professor Hodges were no longer frustrating. His comments pushed me to keep trying and do my papers carefully. Most importantly, I was taught how to use three core values which made writing papers and doing research much easier.

Core value 3 says, “Understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning.” Professor Hodges required us to complete a visual argument, this assignment allowed us to demonstrate our understanding of core value 3. We had to analyze a commercial about preventing and reducing domestic violence. We each wrote down what we saw, step by step. By looking at the commercial I would have not guessed it had anything to do with unplanned pregnancy, until the very end when the words appear on the screen. However, because we analyzed the commercial I understood and was able to interpret what I was watching. This proved that we all have used the core value 3 in this course.

According to core value 4, we should be able to “Understand the role and use of information in writing.” Each of our essays involved research and information from other sources. This core value was demonstrated in my final Research Paper, I would not be able to complete my paper without sources. However, during the course I learned that every website is not worthy to be used as a source. In the words of Professor Hodges, “If certain information isn’t there for you to create a citation, the anonymous author is not confident in his information and is not willing to be challenged by another source.” Even though it sounds like common sense, it made more sense to me after hearing from Professor Hodges. I cited all of my sources and quoted what needed to be quoted the correct way in my paper. I used my sources in my writing without plagiarizing which proved I’m able to complete core value 4.

“Understand the power and ethical responsibility that comes with the creation of written discourse,” is core value 5. In other words, we had to arrange insight from a range of outside sources. The topic for my research paper required a lot of research in order for me to become knowledgeable about every aspect of my paper. I researched the history of blacks in the NFL, slavery, the NFL lockout, the NFL labor practices and much more! All of this information together helped me to form a great research paper that is very detailed and informative. Other football players opinions mattered in my paper as well, simply to make sure Adrian Peterson was not the only one to feel the way that he did. I feel that core value 5 has been demonstrated and completely understood during my composition 2 experience.

This course have taught me to focus on using valid reasoning, evidence, and persuasion. Professor Hodges was very helpful this semester and patient with me as a student. I am more careful about what I write and how I write. Overall, composition 2 was a great experience and I was able to take a lot away from it! It has been a pleasure to have David Hodges as my professor.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve come a long way, Tikeena. 🙂

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