Reflective- Marty Bell

Allowing One’s Writing to Evolve

The end of this semesters College Composition II course is approaching quickly. I will now look at how I have gained an understanding of what is most important when it comes to writing. This class has helped me to understand the meaning of the Core Values. But, most importantly the main Core Values III, V, and VII. Throughout this semester I demonstrated all three of these Core Values in my writing.

The main goal of Core Value III is to understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning. The work that demonstrated this the most was my Visual Argument. My Visual Argument involved me watching a commercial on unplanned pregnancy prevention over and over and analysing this article without any sound. I described each scene of the commercial and interpreted the meaning behind them. My descriptions demonstrated how I understood the meaning behind the commercial. In one particular scene a women takes off her scarf with an intimate look on her face then a man stumbles into a table while attempting to take his clothes off. I described how this scene makes the message clear that they man is not very smooth and therefore doesn’t do it often. I wrote that the fact that he stumbles with taking his clothes means the man is not experienced and not prepared. This allowed me to describe how the director was trying to get across the message that the sexual activity they were about to indulge in was unplanned. By describing this scene it demonstrated my understanding of Core Value III.

The next Core Value, Core Value V, focuses on understanding the role and use of information in writing. Looking back at the course I notice I have demonstrated this value repeatedly. But, the assignment that allowed me to demonstrate this value with the most meaning must be my Research Position Paper. I showed my understanding on how information should be used all through out my paper. I used an article on how exactly taking anabolic steroids will increase the home run production in baseball instead of just assuming the reader knows. I provide the exact information and cite it appropriately. This shows that I know how to use information in the correct role to improve my paper. I used many sources to provide specific information that would help make my paper stronger and refute many critic’s views. This aspect of my writing allowed me to show how I understood and used Core Value V.

The last of the main three Core Value’s, Core Value VII, is about understanding the power and ethical responsibility that come with the creation of written discourse. I again demonstrate this value in my Research Position Paper. The fact that I took the time to look at many different angles and effects of steroids show that I tried to appropriately understand the topic. I looked at many points from critics to get a full understanding of my topic and to help decide which angle to write my paper from. I also demonstrated my understanding of the Core Value by using credible sources and citing them in the right situations. I used the sources and direct quotes from the sources to be more convincing of my point of view. Another way I showed my understanding through out this course was the numerous times I took feedback from the professor and other students and used it to improve my rewrites or next assignments. All of these are just some of the ways I demonstrated my understanding of Core Value VII.

This semester was very helpful in the progression of my writing. I began as a writer who was not confident at all in my work. With the help of feedback and lectures I began to understand the Core Values of writing. With a growing understanding of  these Core Values I became a better writer and more confident in my work. This College Composition II class and caused me to evolve as a writer. It did this mostly by giving me an understanding of all the Core Values but most Core Value’s III, V, and VII

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