Reflective Statement – Jesse Samaritano

On arrival to this semester, I have been aware I am far from being the best writer out there. My grammar skills are not up to par, my writing style is not elegant or noteworthy and I am certain that my future career would not fit as an author or a journalist, but I have not let this stop me in meeting the expectations of this course. Writing assignments have always had a way of stressing me out or making me frustrated, but I am able to put that aside and put in my best effort to do as well as I can. Through the Core Values, I will show that I was able to take in and apply the information expected from me in this class.

The best assignment that I can say showed my understanding of the meaning of Core Value 3, which is “understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning,” would be my research paper. To avoid confusion and get my point across more clearly, I helped expressed my claims and arguments I made through examples and scenario. To clarify why I believe that people justify downloading music illegally off the internet, I stated that they are just making excuses to themselves for something that they know is wrong. I then related that to the example of lying to a friend and making the excuse that lying to that person would be better than telling the truth even though we know that it is wrong to lie to prove that people make excuses for doing immoral things. By choosing the right thing to say at the right time can clarify points and claims to the reader to help them better understand what you are trying to say. By relating the point you are trying to a more relatable scenario, I am helping to get across exactly what I mean to say, rather than the reader interpreting what I mean to say in the wrong way.

The second core value to be discussed, Core Value 5, states that I should “Understand the role and use of information in writing.” This value is important not just through writing, but in anything you hear or see also. By understanding this core value, I have been able to look past the opinion or emotional aspect of any argument and instead look at the facts given and determine if the information of the argument given is binding. I believe that I showed understanding on this subject best through my writing on research paper because I was able to apply accurate numbers and statistics when needed and information on the subject that helps clarify the points I make through my writing. For example, by giving the statistics given by a source for the loss of revenue in the music industry between 1999 and 2008, I was able to give enough evidence to convince the reader that my claims are backed up by real numbers. By providing well placed statistics or information can help turn a dull claim into a fact that can change the point of view of the reader entirely. Using information when necessary doesn’t only help pursued the reader to agree with an argument or point, but makes the paper credible.

Core Value 7, which is “Understand the power and ethical responsibility that comes with the creation of written discourse,” is the most important core value to me because I feel that this core value is disregarded by many people in the media. When I watch news channels on television, I witness account after account of anchors or news personalities misusing information, and in some cases just making things up. The responsibility that comes with informing others with valid and fact based evidence is under looked in society today, and giving people false information that they believe they can trust is too common. Through discussions and focus on this subject in our Comp 2 class, I have learned the importance of making false claims, and I avoid this by making sure that my claims can be back up by doing research. During my research paper, I made sure to make accurate claims through research on the subject.

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