A15: Annotated Bibliography – Tikeena Sturdivant

Background: This is a interview between Adrian Peterson and Jim Brown regarding Peterson’s performance and how he felt he was being treated. He recognize his abilities and speak on how the coaches help him out. This interview also allows me to see another side of Adrian Peterson, i learned more about him.

How will I use it: I will use this source to prove that Adrian Peterson does have positive things to say about the NFL. I will also use this source to show what kind of man Adrian Peterson really is, proving that he did not mean any harm.

Background: This source helps me analyze the lockout regarding the labor disputes.

How will I use it: I will use this to make my point even stronger. Adrian Peterson isnt, and cant be the only one who feel as though the NFL practice poor labor habits. This source helps me see the bigger picture which my paper could benefit from.

Background: This source basically allow me to view things from a legal point of view. I’m able to get more information regarding how things are suppose to go in the NFL. Using this source I’m able to come to the conclusion that the lockout is wrong.

How will I use it: I will include things from this article to attack the legal part of this big controversy. I can also branch off of this source and further my research which will help me understand and view things from A legal perspective.

Background: This is a article that gets deep into details about the lockout. Because I am not “NFL intelligent” I need to get as much information as i can to understand these things better.

How will I use it: I will use to see why Adrian Peterson and other players were so frustrated because of the lockout.

Background: This provides me with specific NFL labor issues. I haven’t been able to find a source that would tell me exactly what the problem was until I came across this one.

How will I use it: I will use this information to make my argument stronger. I will be able to use specific examples and come up with more conclusion as to why there is so much controversy. It allows me to examine the problem between the owners and the players.

Background: The article examines the life of a slave after Emancipation. The Thirteenth Amendment freed about 4 million blacks from from hard work and poor labor. This article explain the effect of slavery and gives specific details  of what they had to go through.

How I will I use it: I will use this to make a better comparison of slavery to the NFL.

Background: This article gives the background information about African slaves in North America. This gives me the basic information I need to make my comparison to the NFL.

How will I use it: I will use this source to gain more knowledge about blacks as slaves.

Background: This article goes through the ins and the outs of the Civil War. It explains how slavery seems to be the “heart of conflict” between Americans.

How will I use it: I will use this article to get information I can to put in my paper as some type of evidence or proof, defending Adrian Peterson’s comment.

Background: This is an article explaining how the Packers could benefit from the lockout. Ryan Grant was against what Adrian Peterson said about the NFL. I wondered why so I decided to do some research and this article gave me exactly what I needed.

How will I use it: To prove why Ryan Grant would disagree with Adrian Peterson. If anyone was in his position I’m sure they would disagree with Adrian Peterson as well.

Background: This article provides me with the history of blacks in the NFL. It explained how hard it was for blacks to even get in the League and how things changed over time.

How will I use it: I plan on using this to compare where blacks where before and where they are now in the NFL. I find it funny that back then blacks were not wanted in the NFL now they make up 72%.

  • Wolff, Alexander. “Marshall Law.” Sports Illustrated 111.14 (2009): 64-65. Academic Search Premier. Web. 19 Apr. 2012.

Background: This is about a man name George Preston Marshall who refused to let blacks into the NFL. He did not want to give blacks a chance until his job was threatened. This was a follow up from my tenth source because I wanted to learn more.

How will I use it: I will used this source to further my knowledge about the history of blacks in the NFL. I would not be able to make sense in my paper if i did not know exactly what I was talking about and had things to refer to.

Background: This is a article that gets other opinions from NFL two NFL players, Ryan Grant and Rashard Mendenhall. Ryan Grant dis agrees with Adrian Peterson, however, Rashard Mendenhall agrees with him. These opinions are needed to examine how other players feel.

How I will use it: I will use it by comparing what each player had to say. Adrian Peterson is not the only player who felt this way, he’s just the other player who spoke up and expressed his feelings. I will try to figure out why Ryan Grant disagree with him.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Strong enough work, Tikeena, plagued by grammar problems.

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