Reflective Statement – Tabitha Corrao

In life we are all born with creative characteristics. Some people are born nature writers and others, like me, were not. So coming into Composition Two course with a weak background of writing I couldn’t help but be nervous for this course. Now that this semester is almost over, I can now say that I’ve have a better understanding of the Core Values. I used my knowledge of Core Values and demonstrated the three main Core Values III, V, and VII throughout this semester.

Core Value III is understanding how texts represent meaning and how the processes of writing and reading create and interpret meaning. I demonstrated this Core Value in my Visual Argument. For my Visual Argument, I watched a thirty second commercial about prevention on gay and lesbian bullying. After watching the commercial several times, I dissected the video by explaining why I believe the director of the video shot the video the way he did. My explanation shows how I examined the director’s commercial and how I interpret the meaning behind the all of the directors’/actors’ actions. For example, in my argument I said I believed the director of the film chose Hillary Duff as an actor for the commercial because she is a well-known woman who sets good examples for other women and children as well. Although the director of the video did not say why he chose Hillary Duff, it could be implied that Hillary Duff was picked for this video because she is famous and her name is not associated with any negative qualities. I’ve also demonstrated this Core Value in my Research Position Paper. My Research Position Paper shows how I learned about a compound issue, the increase of crime rate and drug addicts not receiving the medical help they need, and expanded the issue as a discussion. In my discussion I talked about a solution to the issue and explained how the issue could be solved by programs like the DTAP programs. That’s how I demonstrated Core Value III.

Core Value V is understanding the role and use of information in writing. I demonstrated this Core Value in my Fifteen Annotated Bibliography. For my Fifteen Annotated Bibliography I found fifteen sources that contributed to my Research Position Paper and used the information to build my argument. By doing the Fifteen Annotated Bibliography, I learned what sources are reliable and what sources are not. For example one of my sources was a website for drug addicts to tell their success stories of how drug treatment centers worked for them. I was going to use this information to support my argument that drug treatment centers worked. I later learned that this source was not a reliable source because the website could be concerned bias. I then replaced that unreliable source to one that was. That’s how I demonstrated Core Value V.

Core Value VII is understanding the power and ethical responsibility that comes with the creation of written discourse. I demonstrated this Core Value in my Causal Argument. For my Causal Argument I used three reliable sources to support why programs like DTAP are more beneficial than prisons. Unlike my other arguments, I used quotes from the sources to help me support my reasons why the programs are better than prison. I made sure the quotes were logical and the quotes flowed well with the rest of the paper. That’s how I demonstrated Core Value VII.

All in all, I’ve come a long way in writing and I’m proud to say little by little the Core Values have helped me. I’ve come a long way with my writing and just like my grandmother would say there’s nothing a little hard work and some elbow grease (Core Values) can’t do.

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