Sources 11-15 ~ Tony Shilling

Between fighting off the plague and scrapping the bottom of the barrel at this point, there will not be much to these, so apologies in advance.

11.’s Terms and Conditions

Though not the contract that an artist would sign, several key elements of such a document carry over into Marvel’s Terms and Conditions page, and demonstrates how serious offenses can be in their perspective.  It also gives the full name and address of Marvel’s Legal Copyright Counselor, Seth Lehman.

Character reference is the usage here, mostly, so suggest just how drastic an offense can be to Marvel, even it does not appear to be as criminal to anyone else.

12.  Mirriam-Webster Online

The most official and global dictionary in use (arguable, I realize) for centuries, and thus the most respectable and logical source to utilize for referencing certain notations otherwise not commonly known.

Online is a much quicker and handier reference than book format, and much easier to “dumb-down” than legal dictionaries.

13.  Legal Dictionary at

Of course, it still makes sense to site an actual legal dictionary for professional legal terms and whatnot, so the most official as given by itself is quite a handy resource for clarifying terms like “Copyright” and “Parody.”

Usage intent is primarily for quick clarification of legal terms which will then be compared to Mirriam-Webster’s for similarity and more common understanding.

14.  Jack Kirby

A detailed, and also oral for this who would rather listen than read, history of the life of Jack “The King” Kirby, arguable the greatest comic book artist merely for being the man who “created” the superhero style that evolved into what we have today.

I figure if i am going to reference The King so much, it would be wise for people to know who he actually is.

15.  Marvel Sues Family of Comic Artist

Background on the Marvel v. Kirby Estate trial and acts as a character reference for Marvel and how ruthless they can behave in their legal proceedings; as mentioned in the Robert Liefeld citation from his Twitter paper, “No one who has sued Marvel has ever won.”  Grim, but true.

Just as the Kirby background reference provides his own history, this is another history reference to Marvel’s legal accounts fortunately also based on the grounds of a copyright claim.

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