Critical Reading – Dale Hamstra

The Opt-Out Option

“sex initiation programs in public and parochial schools”

  • She is saying that sex education in school is the equivalent of teaching them how to have sex and even inviting them to engage in sexual activities.
  • Suggests that sex ed should only be taught at home.

“Like the abortion industry, its [the vital organ transplant industry] nexus is hard, cold cash — billions in hard cold cash”

  • Right off the bat she uses her pro-life background and brings in the abortion industry, which has absolutely nothing to do with organ donation. She is most likely bringing it up to get an emotional response.
  • Also, it is not true that the organ donation industry, let alone the abortion industry, only cares about money

“The only thing harder and colder that the cash, is the hearts of the surgeons”

  • She moves all of the blame to the surgeons, telling us that it is their fault since they are the ones doing the physical killing.
  • It is not necessarily true that the surgeons get enjoyment from killing an organ donor, but in fact know that they are saving other peoples lives at the same time.

“medical butchery”

  • This is her synonym for surgery. It gives the impression that the donator will be “butchered” and possibly have a painful death. While, in reality, It will be fast and painless for the donator and will be professionally done the surgeons.

“Pro-lifers need to make vital organ transplantation a key right to life issue”

  • She only acknowledges that someone needs to die in order to have a transplant. This is entirely true.
  • With this she ignores the fact that donating organs saves the lives of other people.
  • Shouldn’t Pro-Life advocates want to save lives?

” The myth of brain death”

  • This sub-title says that brain death is a myth, and therefore, not real.
  • Brain death is not a myth

No one organ or system controls all other organs and systems.

  • She is telling us that the brain does not control the other organs and systems.
  • This claim is not true. And we cannot take any argument that stems from it can not be taken seriously

” dissected on the operating table.”

  • She makes it sound like the donor is a useless body, being used for an experiment.
  • Again she uses this claim to gain emotional support.
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1 Response to Critical Reading – Dale Hamstra

  1. davidbdale says:

    Nice work. Attacks the attacks on organ donation nicely.
    Grade recorded.

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