Visual Argument – Marty Bell

  • I chose the ad on Unplanned Pregnancy Prevention.
  • The ad begins with a female taking her scarf off with and intimate look in her eye and male taking his clothing off implying that they are about to indulge in a sexual activity. This sets the tone for what the ad is about.
  • The first scene has the guy stumble while taking off his clothes and fall over a table. This shows the audience that the guy is not experienced and is clumsy. The guy not being smooth at all implies that he is most likely not prepared for the occasion meaning he does not have protection on him.
  • The ad then cuts to a new scene with a male on top of a female on a bed in little clothing. This implies that they are performing some type of sexual activity. The bed then breaks on them. This tells the audience that they do not do that often on that bed meaning it could be their first time. This makes the viewer believe that they were not planning on what is happening.
  • The next scene is a couple getting intimate in a car. The fact that they are in a car tells the viewer that they do not think what they are doing through. It implies that they are acting on pure desire. Because they are acting on desire it is likely that they were not prepared and are not using protection.
  • The next scene is a couple kissing in what seems to be a closet in some kind of business building. The couple then turns and sees another couple doing the same thing. The fact that the women are wearing nice dresses and mean are wearing a shirt and tie implies that they are at work.  When the men look at each other the one man smirks which makes you think he was about to lucky. The fact that it seems they are at work makes someone think that it was a spur of the moment thing not a usual occurrence. This adds the constant theme of the add that they people are not prepared.
  • The next scene has a man in his underwear struggling to take off the pants of a women laying on a couch. The man has a hard time taking her pants off twisting and turning them until they come off. Him being a mess and not able to take her pants off shows that he isn’t very experienced. Her wearing very tight pants that are hard to take off imply that she was not planning on having someone else take them off for the activity they are about to participate in.
  • During this scene two sentences appear on the screen. The first saying “You didn’t give up on sex.” The second saying “Don’t give up on birth control.” These sentences are saying that if you are going to have unplanned sex as a women you should take birth control to be safe. The sentences are straight forward and get the point across.
  • The main concept of the ad is that you should be prepared at all times. It stresses that anything could happen, so you should always be safe. The ad gets the point across by repeatedly beating it into the viewers head. But, it also makes the unplanned sex look like a laughing matter. Making each scene has some type of comic theme that may cause the audience to take the message they are sending lightly. Putting in another more serious scene could have allowed them to show the viewer that it is a very serious issue and cause more concern.
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1 Response to Visual Argument – Marty Bell

  1. davidbdale says:

    What you’ve done really nicely here, Marty, is describe the several ways in which the ad communicates the message: unplanned. I like that. If you’re willing, I’d like to hear whether you think that pairs well with the message: don’t give up. And if so, how. It takes some imagination to put the two together. What’s the secondary massage here? Is the target audience just women who might have unplanned sex, or is it a more specific audience than that?
    Provisional grade recorded.

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