Visual Argument- Ally Hodgson

Don’t Give Up on Birth Control.

Explanation of the Ad:

  • I chose the Unplanned Pregnancy Ad on the Ad Council site.
  • The first scene of the ad shows a couple with a woman on the bed trying to be sexy and an eager man taking his clothes off. As the montage continues, it shows him having some trouble taking his clothes off and falling off of a dresser.
  • The next scene is a couple rolling around under the covers. They roll over and the bed breaks under them.
  • Scene 3 is a couple in a car making out; the woman hits her head on the windshield.
  • The next scene is a couple in a supply closet in an office setting. They burst into the room while making out until they realize another couple is in the room. They look embarrassed and leave the room.
  • The last couple is in a living room with a woman laying on the couch while a man struggles to take her pants off before climbing onto her. Text then comes up on the screen and reads, “You didn’t give up on sex. Don’t give up on birth control.”
  • The last scene is a mouse rolling over the letters BEDSIDER. When hovered over, each letter shows a picture of a different method of birth control. fades in under the logo.


  • The point of the commercial is that we are so persistent about having sex but not as persistent about birth control. The commercial is trying to cut back on unplanned pregnancy by educating about the vast types of birth control available.
  • I think this ad is very effective. The ad  is humorous which makes it memorable. It also makes you think about why we aren’t more persistent about birth control. This ad made me want to go to the website.
  • The logo that when hovered over, showed methods of birth control, showed the great variety of birth control available to the public. Some types are not common to most people but could be really useful for them.
  • The Ad Council does not rely heavily on sound for this ad. This helps the ad be more memorable as well because you remember what you see. Though, there is a voice over after the logo for Bedsider comes up and it says, “There are more methods than you think; find yours at”
  • I do feel like it’s important to note that most races were represented in this ad and I feel like that was a strategy to show this applies to everyone. Also, I feel this makes it easier to relate to from the viewer’s point of view.
  • This ad shows that even if a method of birth control doesn’t work for you, you should try another type.
  • A constructive criticism for this ad I could provide would be to show the couples continuing after their “interruptions.” If the couple who were in the car just continued what they were doing after the woman hit her head, it would portray that actually weren’t giving up, which is what the ad is trying to prove. As it stands, it isn’t really showing that people “didn’t give up on sex.”
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3 Responses to Visual Argument- Ally Hodgson

  1. davidbdale says:

    I completely agree that the ad relies heavily on the viewer to make the logical connection between the various scenes and the concept of “giving up,” Ally. There must have been some consideration given to having the same person in every scene so we’d know one person had to struggle through awkward partners and awkward situations repeatedly. But that would have made the one person seem promiscuous and invited shame. The ad wants to be lighthearted instead, and succeeds, I think, but at the cost of complete clarity. You haven’t actually addressed the topic of birth control techniques that fail, or fail to satisfy people’s needs. The ad must be addressed to individuals who have had bad experiences with one type of birth control, or maybe several, and figured it wasn’t worth the trouble, right?
    Provisional grade recorded.

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