Visual Argument: Eddie Jahn

The “ad” I chose to watch and discuss was on Emergency Preparedness. It started out as a child sitting on the couch and then went to the mother and father in the kitchen at this time you see a fork floating in the air randomly. The family all look concerned as if they know something is happening or about to happen. Following that the family is propelled into the air floating in mid air as a natural disaster is happening. The furniture, television, and other appliances are all floating in mid air along with the family. The mother reaches out to grab her son’s hand and try to keep him safe. Meanwhile the father reaches into a cabinet while he is on the ground and pulls out a bag which turns out to be an emergency kit. The furniture and television come crashing down as do the mother and son. The father takes the kit, and guides his family toward the door and they get to the door and are going to exit the room. At the end of the “ad” it says “get a kit, make a plan, and be informed.” Throughout the “ad” there was also a woman speaking and said “what if life as you know it turned completely on it’s head, what if everything familiar becomes anything but, before a disaster turns your family’s world upside down, it’s up to you to be ready.” The woman talking is speaking to everyone that is watching as they watch a family go through a natural disaster and the family has a clear emergency kit, and they have a plan also which is to exit the house. This “ad” is informing families and people in general to be prepared for natural disasters because they can strike any time and it would be better to be prepared, than unprepared.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I thought at first you hadn’t completed this assignment, Eddie, but then I found it in inventory under your name in the sidebar. Be careful to categorize your posts when you publish them, both under their assignment name and your own name.
    Grade recorded.

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