Definition Essay Rewrite – Marty Bell

Beneficial Steroids

Steroids could result in a multitude of benefits for baseball as a sport and the individuals. Anabolic steroids will increase the number of home runs from sluggers. They will also help some of the best pitchers throw faster and possible result in an increase of no hitters or perfect games thrown. The use of anabolic steroids in baseball will make it a more flashy and interesting sport.

It is no secret that an increase in home run production will excite fans more and more. Anabolic steroids could make this happen if they became legal. Taking steroids causes someone to gain more muscle mass when combined with working out. A gain in muscle mass results in faster bat speed (“The Possible Effect of Steroids on Home Run Production”). A batter taking steroids has a faster bat speed that causes the batted ball speed to increase(“The Possible Effect of Steroids on Home Run Production”). It is obvious that an increased batted ball speed will cause the ball to go farther off the bat. Which in turn means more home runs.

Some critics may say that allowing steroid use to be legal will not increase the number of home runs hit because it will allow pitchers to throw harder, making it harder to make contact. But, this is not the case for all pitchers. A pitcher needs more than just some muscle mass to throw a hard fast ball. Even with steroids a pitcher needs high quality mechanics and pin point execution to throw the ball harder and accurate. This means that steroids will not necessarily make every pitcher more difficult to hit. These critics will only be right for the already top-notch and hard to hit pitchers. For an average, run of the mill pitcher taking steroids will make them throw harder, but that alone will not make them impossible to hit. Nobody is an amazing pitcher at that level with just a hard fastball. In order to be among the best a pitcher needs control and a whole arsenal of pitches no matter how hard they throw. It is even reasonable to say that pitchers on steroids will result in more homeruns. The harder the ball comes in, the faster it goes out. The increased bat speed that steroids cause will allow hitters to capitalize on every mistake a pitcher makes. Increased bat speed will make up for the increased speed of the pitches.

Along with the benefits anabolic steroids bring to the sluggers of baseball comes the benefits to the aces of baseball. A pitcher has a lot to gain from taking anabolic steroids. Upper tier pitchers have even more to gain then other pitchers. Taking steroids will allow pitchers to throw harder than they ever could before (Olney). This increase in speed combined with what they already bring to the table will give some pitchers an edge over batters. For instance, Cliff Lee on steroids would be unhittable. Some pitchers being almost unhittable would cause fans to be excited and add to the fan base of baseball. Increased speed in pitches is not the only benefit a pitcher receives from taking steroids. Throwing a baseball is extremely straining and unnatural on a pitchers arm. Using steroids will enhance tissue repair so a pitcher will feel better the day after pitching (Olney). This is a huge benefit to pitchers and may result in the best pitchers being able to throw more often with the reduce soreness to their arms.

Critics may say that hitting home runs more often could make it less exciting when someone hits a homerun. This is not true considering the fact that a homerun hit in any close game thrilling. No one complains about someone hitting too many homeruns. Also, it will result in more intense home run races that bring millions of fans to baseball. Anabolic steroids will make the chances of having another epic home run race like Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire had more likely. Another thing critics may say is that fans will not be interested in  baseball if steroid use is legal because it’s cheating. But, this argument can be put to rest very simply. If steroid use is legal than it wouldn’t be cheating at all. If fans actually had a serious problem with steroids they would already be against baseball since it has become apparent that many of baseball’s recent all-stars have used steroids.

The tons of player that brought so many fans to possible and have used steroids add to the proof that steroids benefit baseball. Manny Ramirez, suspended for steroid use (“Baseball’s Steroid Era”), brought tons of fans to baseball for years before he retired. Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield, who both admitted to using steroids (“Baseball’s Steroid Era”), both brought interest to baseball and were many people’s favorite baseball players for a long time. These are all specific cases and proof of how steroids have already added fans and interest to the sport of baseball. Critics to this point will say that they brought fans before it was known that they cheated by using steroids. This is easily proven wrong when you look at a case like Barry Bonds. When Barry Bonds first got drafted he was skinny and stole bases. Later in his career Barry was significantly bigger and even his head seemed bigger. Anyone who seem him early in his career could tell that he took steroids. Regardless he still brought millions of fans to baseball because of his amazing accomplishments. This shows that fans ignored the fact that he took steroids and still followed him through his career. This is proof that either fans don’t care about steroids or they’re not devoted fans and just want to see something spectacular.

In conclusion, there are multiple benefits of allowing anabolic steroid use in baseball bring. Both pitchers throwing more shutouts and no hitters and batters hitting more home runs will benefit baseball massively. If steroids can benefit baseball so much while it has been illegal, making it legal will just add to steroids helping baseball and make it less controversial. Therefore, we should allow professional athletes, who are all adults and capable of making decisions for themselves, decide whether or not they want to use steroids. It is no different then an adult deciding to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, or anything else that has benefits and negative effects.

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2 Responses to Definition Essay Rewrite – Marty Bell

  1. davidbdale says:

    Personally, it still feels to this reader as if equally strong arguments are always available on the other side of yours, Marty. Your evidence is very anecdotal; for example: Barry Bonds brought lots of fans to the game; therefore, everybody is OK with steroids. It doesn’t quite add up to convincing proof. Nothing you say is wrong, but neither does it seem more likely than its opposite.

    To take another example, why has baseball taken such a tough public stand to eliminate steroid use from the game and shame its players for cheating if there’s widespread public approval for its use?

    About your in-text citations. You should be identifying the source by author, not by title, if you credit it in your text (Bell). For instance, your ESPN story is written by Buster Olney, and should be sourced as such (Olney).

    Grade Recorded.

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